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Week ending July 1

This week felt light because the powerlifting is not heavy yet and I threw in some short metabolic stuff and some light stuff.

  • Deadlift 3 x 10 @ 45kg
  • DB Bench 3 x 10 @ 10kg (way too light… need to buy more DBs)
  • Deadlift 3 x 8 @ 70kg
  • Narrow grip bench 3 x 8 @ 25kg
  • Squat 3 x 8 @ 30kg (barefoot)
  • Bench to bench plank row 2 x 5 @ 4kg
  • 8 x 20 sec on, 10 sec off Dead ball slams @ 9kg
  • 8 x 20:10 overhead KB swings @ 16kg
  • Every minute on the minute do Clean-Squat-Press with 2 KBs. Add one rep per minute. Got up to 7.5 mins with 2 x 12kg
  • Did the same thing again in the arvo with 2 x 8kg. Lasted 10 mins.
  • Could have done more both times, but stopped before squat depth became compromised.
  • OA row 3 x 8 @ 2 x 8kg KB
  • Squat 3 x 8 @ 2 x 8kg KB
  • Push ups 2 x submax
  • Sloth Day

Total 4hrs 10 mins. My usual goal is a minimum of 5 hours. This week was light, but I’m sure I’ll hit it next week.

Food: Carb cycling for 2 weeks. Currently not working as well as it has done in the past. Will continue for one more week before deciding if I should ditch it.

Even though I am super lazy, I have so many things I want to tick off my list:

  • Join Bush Search and Rescue – A legit way to go bush bashing without worrying about the logistics – Kinda done, but still have to attend training event. Pity my boss doesn’t give me holiday pay.
  • Get Elite II grading in powerlifting – maybe in a year or 2.
  • Thanks to Hiking Fiasco Greg, I now have a stupid idea planted in my head. I have been interested in fastpacking for quite some time. I should probably do some training if I want to do 250km but that sort of training interferes with powerlifting. I’m thinking of completely wrecking myself over 2-3 days. Can’t take any longer as my annoying boss won’t budge on the holiday pay thing, and I’d also have to take more food and a tent too, which I couldn’t be bothered with.

The Week Before The Comp

So I have now done all my heavy lifting before the comp this weekend. I feel I have failed craptacularly.

Last of the heavy stuff:

  • 2 x 2 deadlift @ 117.5kg – Hitched first rep but managed to correct for the rest. Confident I’ll hit 120 on the day.
  • 2 x 2 bench with pause @ 47.5kg – Annoyed as I should have hit 50, but I could not even do 1 rep at 50, even though I have done it before.
  • 2 x 2 squat – Hit 2 reps @ 95kg but apparently they were not deep enough. Failed 2nd set so dropped to 82.5kg for 2 reps which was easy.

Last weekend I did some strongman training. By some, I mean 4 hours. I finally flipped that 220kg tyre, did some lightish farmers walks (50kg?), managed a short yoke walk (135kg), did a bunch of Conan’s carries (55kg), a bunch of log clean and jerks (40kg) and some 40kg sandbang shouldering. Chased that down with some arm over arm rope pulls, sled drags, sledge hammers and jumps. I think I have not recovered from this yet so hopefully that explains my terrible squats last night.

The comp is this weekend…. so kinda concerned about my terrible lifts, but at the same time I do plan on resting up so maybe I’ll hit the numbers I want.

I’ll take bets. What numbers do you think I’ll get this weekend? 😉

Running an ultra with no specific training

Tomorrow I’m doing the Frankston to Portsea 55km. This race has a long history based on Percy Cerutty’s interesting training methods so I am really looking forward to taking part in this slice of running history.

The only thing is I haven’t trained for it.

Over the past few months my weekly training has looked like this:

Deadlift x 1
Squat x 1
1 other lift (eg push press, front squat etc) x 1
Kettlebells x 1-2
Other metabolic training such as TRX, ropes, bodyweight x 2-3
Running – hills x 1
Running – intervals x 1
Running – medium distance 10-25km x 1

Looking at that outline, it doesn’t even look like I’m training for running. It just looks like general fitness. And if you were told that is a running program, what distance could it possibly be? 10km? Half marathon?

I have not run over 25km this year. This is mainly because my goal races are months away so I haven’t been bothered, it takes up time, I’m too lazy to take water on the run, and I’ve been very busy this year so sometimes opting for a sleep in instead.

I know I can do 55km, but how will it go? Will I crash and burn at 30km? Will my ITB play up like at my last ultra? Will my head hang low as I stumble last to the finish line? Can I run the whole distance? Can I maintain a lively pace? Could I possibly even do it well?

Who knows. We’ll find out tomorrow 🙂

2010 goals and new training plan

After all the running I’ve done this year, I have gradually gotten slower. I put it down to 3 ultras in the second 1/2 of the year and also doing my long runs at a more comfortable pace. It served its purpose this year for me because I ran further and longer than before, and my recovery from the ultras this year was much quicker than last. Now I feel confident at distance and know my body can recover well, it is time to change it up and get faster for 2010.

I think it’s important to have goals so you know what you’re aiming for and why you’re doing it. In 2010 I want to run a 20 minute 5k and complete the ultras much faster. No set time for those, except for The Tan Ultra 53.5k I’d like to get under 6 hours.

This is my new plan to get me there, starting this week:

During the week:
All runs will be intervals or tempo runs. If I feel the need to do a recovery run then that will be at a very easy pace and done barefoot, focusing on form.
I will be sure to do additional workouts focusing on my weaknesses. I will be working on strength and/or high intensity workouts combining resistance and cardio.

On the weekend:
Long run will be at a lively pace. I will cut these back to around 16km and gradually increase distance to 30km at the same effort.

I just joined a gym this week (3rd so far this year!). I don’t use machines (except the Concept 2 rower) and stick to the free weights. What I like about this gym is they have a good selection of non traditional equipment that I just can’t afford right now including kettlebells, TRXs and tyres. It’s also good because nobody else uses these OR the squat rack (they’re all queuing for the smith machine) so I don’t have to wait to use anything I want there. To give you an example, here’s what I did today:

Warm up:
A couple of each with empty barbell:
Hang clean, hang squat clean, press, push press, push jerk, front squat, thruster.

Workout #1:
Deadlift 5, 5, 5, 5
Warm up 5 @ 40kg
50, 50, 55, 55
(Could’ve gone heavier but first time doing deadlifts in this gym and conscious of the noise of the weights. Next time I will do it outside where I did workout #2)

Brief stretch

Workout #2:
21-15-9 reps of
Kettlebell swing @12kg
TRX rows
Push ups

Brief stretch


Since I’ve been tapering this week, I’ve been skipping my runs and going to Crossfit Victoria instead. It’s heaps of fun! For example, I had never tested my 1RM deadlift before. Now I know what it is (and phew thankfully I can lift more than my body weight – I would be embarrassed if I couldn’t!) and now I have a goal for next time 🙂

They present themselves as being a little crazy, hardcore and out there with their high intensity workouts and Black Flag and The Cult blaring from the speakers. But to be honest the training is not much different from what I do myself anyway. The bonus is unlike at the YMCA where I have free gym membership, I do not have to push past a bunch of posers to get to the barbells and I don’t have to squash up amongst people for my workout or drag the barbells and dumbbells out to the stretching area and get in everyone’s way there. Oh, and of course they have kettlebells.

I was concerned that in general Crossfit vids and pics show people with terrible form, but I am a sucker for good form and fortunately so are these guys so I don’t think I’ll see anyone break their backs or tear muscles.

It’s great for me to get new workout ideas to incorporate in clients’ workouts 😉 More tools for the toolbox is always good.

The best thing is, I go there in my Vibram Five Fingers without feeling like a total freakazoid. Hopefully I can convert a few more people to the Enlightened Freaky Footwear Tribe 🙂