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Walking Blitz

It’s been a long time since the last post so although I’ve been getting out there for a few trails here and there, I haven’t explored any new trails and haven’t even been doing anything crazy lately.

Since the last post I got preggers, married and honeymooned. The doc said I could continue doing what I was doing without change, and at some point my body will force me to slow down. Well, I decided I didn’t want to lift weights for now since it’s only fun if I’m pushing the limits, and it’s only fun pushing the limits if there’s a competition at the end of it. It’s also annoying having every second person tell you not to pick up anything heavy. By heavy, I mean like some books, or maybe our broken dishwasher.

So I’ve just been running a bit, and doing the usual trails. This week was Kinglake – Sugarloaf/Mason’s Falls circuit and also up Glasgow Track, Mt D.

I thought Kinglake should be pleasant enough. I did it a few months ago with a friend and we ran most of it no problem. Of course, having a higher heart rate, and being 5kg heavier didn’t do me any favours. My heart rate got to 180 just walking up a hill, and I realised it will be a long time before I attempt running that route again.


Then I did Glasgow Track, Mt D, a few days ago. I’ve done this quite a few times in the past few months. You park near the Channel 10 towers, zig zag your way down to where the houses are, then walk in a straight line up Glasgow Track. I think you have to do it uphill, because if you approach from the top, there’s a sign saying it’s a regeneration area. And also I think you’d just fall over going downhill, although I always see more people going down than up.

Glasgow Track was very slow going. I had just done it 2 weeks ago, no probs. And this time I decided I will do it without taking any breathers. Well it was just so so so so slow. I have never walked so slow in my life. Stupid heart rate.

I seem to have an obsession with steep hills, so I will continue to be a hill-seeker for as long as my body will let me. It will just be very slow going. Fingers crossed for some snow soon so I can do Mt Donna Buang 😉

Cathedral Ranges – Little Cathedral, Cathedral Peak, North Jawbone

This week I went out for Cathedral Ranges Take 2. I thought I’d cover as much of the north side as possible, although after finishing and looking at the map again, I forgot to do Ned’s Peak. Argghhhh!

Anyway, it was a pleasant day – 23 degrees, mostly with a strong sun. I started at Ned’s Gully Carpark and walked straight up to Ned’s Saddle. This is almost 3km with 400m ascent. There’s a good amount of shade in this area, but from here to Little Cathedral Peak, the trees are more sparse and it was very hot in the sun.

Click any pic to enlarge

Click any pic to enlarge

Also, there were a lot of flies. So many different types of flies. The normal horrid Aussie bush flies. And these awful things that kept biting me:

a08 fly

It was a rocky climb up to Little Cathedral. There are orange markers to follow the path, and you do need to make the effort to look up where they are. I ended up in some awful prickly wattle. It really is awful. I had to turn back and pay more attention to where the path was. At the top of Little Cathedral, the view is awesome.


a03 watch out

AAAHHH One wrong step, and it’s a long way down!

It would have been a really nice place to sit down for a bite to eat at the top, but there were waaaay too many flies. It was unbearable. Whilst eating a muesli bar, and doing a bit of a dance to keep the flies off me, I noticed this fellow:

a04 echidna

He saw me coming with my phone so he hid:

a05 echidna

I was still getting attacked by flies so made a move towards Cathedral Peak.


Little Cathedral behind me

Cathedral Peak

It was only midday, so I was pretty sure I still had time to get North Jawbone done.

I head along the Ridge Track, which was a couple of hours of this:


Because I have a perfectly rational fear of having to rely on my arms to hold on to things in case I plummet to death, I move very slow along this kind of surface. While watching my every foot and hand position, I also had to look up to follow the orange markers. Not that you could get lost following a ridgeline, but I found out many times that the orange markers lead the easiest way.

Sometimes there was no easiest way

Sometimes there was no easiest way

It’s very tiring paying such close attention to where you are walking. It was such a relief to veer off towards North Jawbone. The land of easy walking, lyrebirds, and fewer flies.


I got a bit of a rude shock when there were more rocks to walk on to get up to North Jawbone, but I made it up there quick enough. Stopped for about 10 seconds because the horrible big flies were out again, and scrambled back down.

From here it was a nice easy stroll down to Cooks Mill Campground and along Little River Track back to the start. Unfortunately Little River Track is part logged, part pine plantation. This was the only downside in the scenery.

Aside from the horrendous flies, other animals spotted were many cicadas, lyrebirds, rosellas, kookaburras, big lizards, little lizards, a mouse, an echidna, and a black snake. There were also heaps of nice wild flowers out 🙂

a17 legs

The end result of the day included scratches, bruises, sunburn, fly bites, stinging nettle rash, and… looks like one of those big flies feeding off me and spreading disease. I highly recommend wearing long pants and long sleeves when walking around here – mostly because of the prickly wattle.

The walk was around 15.2km and took me 5hrs 30 mins. It would have been quicker if I was not so crap at balancing on rocks. It would have taken longer if there were no flies because there were lots of nice places to sit for a bite to eat, but I didn’t do that.


I’m kinda looking forward to doing a slightly more relaxing walk next time, but I always seem to gravitate towards big hills and tortuous things.


How do I fix my ear?

OK so I’ve been sick the past week. I took 4.5 days off work – this is the longest I’ve been out of action ever. And I missed my powerlifting comp that would have been today.

The Other Half now also has my flu, and our cat Bobo has been beaten up by the mean cat again. It’s a miserable household, this one.

I started a blog about my cats, because cats are awesome, and my cats get up to all sorts of things. You can find it (and subscribe to it by email if you like cat stories) here: Bobo & Cleo.

So I actually have a residual problem from the flu that is driving me crazy with annoyance, deafness, tinnitus and pain. One ear is blocked. It’s a sinus thing, not a wax thing. I breathe through my nose just fine, but the tube between my ear and throat/nose/eye area is blocked. The following things haven’t worked: Idiot doctor, steam, decongestant nasal spray, saline spray (through nose and ear, desperate enough to try eyes), decongestant tablet (whatever the new pseudoephedrine substitute is), antibiotics (which I doubt I needed, but I did see an idiot). Any useful ideas? I would rather cut off half my head that put up with this much longer.

Week ending 24/2/13

This week was kind of an off week. A week of body building style training (designed to build muscle, but also assist my main lifts), with complete junk food, after my previous powerlifting comp and before I start serious powerlifting training again next week. I also plan to switch to sumo deadlifts since my SI joint has been unhappy since the last comp, so this week was kind of testing that out.

Monday – Nothing 🙂

Tuesday – Glutes & Hams @ gym
  • 2 x Mobility-plex
  • High Windmills: 5 @ 12, 16, 20kg
  • Sumo Deadlift: 4 x 8 @ 75kg (wow, so easy! Let’s see if it will still feel easy next week with some real weight)
  • DB Romanian deadlift: 10 @ 35, 45, 50, 55, 55lb
  • Forward lean lunge: 4 @ 10 @ 30lb
  • Fun: 3 x 20 High lateral step ups and 30 Squat jumps! 😮
  • PM: 10 min walk (not counted towards total)
Wednesday – Upper Body Push
AM: 30 min walk – not counted towards total
  • 10 mins mobility
  • DB Bench: 4 x 8 @ 18.5kg
  • KB OA Eccentric shoulder press: 4 x 8 @ 12kg
  • DB Lateral raise: 4 x 15 @ 4kg
Thursday – Upper body row @ gym
  • 2 sets:
    • Mobility plex
    • 10 kneeling ring roll out
  • OA Row: 10 @ 35lb, 10 @ 45lb, 4 x 10 @ 55lb
  • Lat pull down: 10 @ 80, 3 x 8 @ 100 (arms and lats fatigued from rows!)
  • Straight arm lat pull down: 10 @ 40, 3 x 10 @ 60

Friday – 2 x 15min walk – not counted towards total

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 9km barefoot/thongs trail run

Total training: 4 hours
Nutrition: Crap. Back into regular nutrition next week with regular training.

It was fun training like a meathead for a week. I really enjoyed these training sessions. Although my muscles have been sore every day since Tuesday!

Today I wrote up my new powerlifting program for prep to compete in nationals. I am switching to sumo deadlift to see if my back is happier. And reducing the volume on deadlifts, but keeping the rest the same.

On paper it all looks great – 3 days lifting, with a bonus 4th day of fun if I can be bothered. I’ve even planned it so there are no super mammoth sessions. The only problem with this format is… tomorrow is squat day… and I’m back to being completely terrified of my training.

Trentham Falls

On Christmas day we went to Trentham Falls for some left over turkey etc (we had the big meal on Christmas eve).

Apparently this is the longest single drop waterfall in Victoria at 32 metres.

Trentham Falls view from below

Trentham Falls view from below

We jumped a Do Not Enter sign and had a picnic on the top of the waterfall.

We jumped another Do Not Enter sign to get down to the bottom of the falls. There were a bazillion people down there, so really glad no one else thought to have their Christmas picnic in the middle of a river on top of a waterfall with us 🙂

Picnic on a river at the top of a waterfall

Picnic on a river at the top of a waterfall