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Week ending 24/3/13

Monday – Heavy squat, Heavy bench @ gym
  • 2 x Mobility plex
  • Squat: 2 x 2 @ 95kg (easy 🙂 )
  • Bench with pause: 1 @ 62.5kg (failed 2nd rep). Failed 62.5kg x 2.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Deadlift
  • Deadlift: 5 @ 70kg, 6 x 1 @ 100kg
Thursday – Core, Light bench @ gym
AM: 25 min walk (not counted towards total)
PM: @ gym
  • Double KB windmill: 5 @ 2 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg
  • DB Renegade row: 3 x 8 @ 35lb
  • Narrow grip bench: 3 x 5 @ 40kg
  • 3 x 5 Lying leg twists
Friday – Rest
  • 2 x 15 min walk (not counted towards total)

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Powerlifting comp 🙂

Total training: 2.5 hours
Nutrition: Perfect, with 4 x treats (2 treat meals and 2 treat snacks)

This week was tapering for the Australian Powerlifting Champs.

On Monday my squat went well. It was surprisingly easy. I had time before work to do bench afterwards, and the big burly powerlifter dude was in the gym, so I asked him to lift off and spot for my bench. His lift off is different to what I’m used to, and he gave me a tip, which I tried to put into practise, but it didn’t really work for me. That’s not why I failed so many reps, but I don’t like benching at the gym because I don’t like their set up, so maybe if I trained at home it would have gone better. I don’t know.

For deadlift training I decided not to push it. My back was feeling good and instead of struggling to do 2x2s that I would usually do the week of the comp, I decided to pull a few singles at a moderate weight. That was nice and easy.

Then I had a few days left before the comp to chill. I didn’t want to do nothing, so I took a few walks – looking for our lost cat – and also did a quick 30 minute core/light bench session at the gym.

I also ordered some proughnuts from ChocChilliMango so I would have something super delicious, healthy, easy to pack and easy to eat & digest when you’re up and about in a powerlifting comp. I will have more to say on nutrition at some point for training, pre comp and during comp. I think I’ve worked it out. For myself at least.

Nutrition-wise, I did have quite a few more treats than usual – but they were mostly small. Sunday after my comp I treated myself to some ice cream and chocolate 😀

How to prepare for a rogaine?

On Saturday I got my VHBOS run in (Volcanic Hills Balls of Steel), which was around 25km including Reynolds and Allendale Rds from the Wattle Glen end. It was much easier starting at this end. I plan to take in part of the VHBOS every weekend possible to get as much leg strength and mental strength from the hills as I can. My hamstrings were still pretty sore from stupidly doing RDLs on Thursday (way too late in the week for hamstring work with a long run on Saturday). I wore my Adizero PRs to see how my feet would hold up in flats over that distance. I love those shoes so much but the soles of my feet were pretty fatigued so unfortunately that means I will have to wear the Nike Frees next weekend for a rogaine.

So… this coming Saturday I will be doing a 6 hr rogaine! The course will be 60% state forest, 30% historical diggings and 10% private land. I’ve been orienteering once about 15 years ago but that was very quick and easy. I’ll be in a team of 3 and one of the girls has done a lot of this stuff so I will be in good hands.

I have been told to wear long pants and gaiters because the scrub can scratch up your legs. Well I don’t have any long pants, because who runs in long pants? I have small roc bloc gaiters for running and I have big bushwalking gaitors, but I have been told there are special orienteering ones too! The little gaiters aren’t suitable but I don’t know how uncomfortable it will be running in big bushwalking gaiters! But then, I’ve also been told it will be quite easy going walking and jogging, because obviously you can’t go at proper running speed while bush bashing. I have all the other gear – waterproof jacket, first aid kit, compass etc.

This will be my first long distance event of the year, although at an easy pace. So I’m not sure if I should be tapering or not. In any case, I am not going to risk the event with DOMS from weight lifting or any fatigue from running too much so my week will look like this:

Monday – Kettlebells
Tuesday – Gym (squats, rows, push ups, most likely followed by intervals on the C2 rower)
Wednesday – Hill sprints
Thursday – Something easy to recover from, probably kettlebells
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 6 hr rogaine
Sunday – Rest!

So… anyone reading this done any long distance orienteering or rogaining? Should I do more of a taper or not worry? Do I need to buy long pants? Or will 3/4 tights and bushwalking gaiters do? Any tips?