Walking Blitz

It’s been a long time since the last post so although I’ve been getting out there for a few trails here and there, I haven’t explored any new trails and haven’t even been doing anything crazy lately.

Since the last post I got preggers, married and honeymooned. The doc said I could continue doing what I was doing without change, and at some point my body will force me to slow down. Well, I decided I didn’t want to lift weights for now since it’s only fun if I’m pushing the limits, and it’s only fun pushing the limits if there’s a competition at the end of it. It’s also annoying having every second person tell you not to pick up anything heavy. By heavy, I mean like some books, or maybe our broken dishwasher.

So I’ve just been running a bit, and doing the usual trails. This week was Kinglake – Sugarloaf/Mason’s Falls circuit and also up Glasgow Track, Mt D.

I thought Kinglake should be pleasant enough. I did it a few months ago with a friend and we ran most of it no problem. Of course, having a higher heart rate, and being 5kg heavier didn’t do me any favours. My heart rate got to 180 just walking up a hill, and I realised it will be a long time before I attempt running that route again.


Then I did Glasgow Track, Mt D, a few days ago. I’ve done this quite a few times in the past few months. You park near the Channel 10 towers, zig zag your way down to where the houses are, then walk in a straight line up Glasgow Track. I think you have to do it uphill, because if you approach from the top, there’s a sign saying it’s a regeneration area. And also I think you’d just fall over going downhill, although I always see more people going down than up.

Glasgow Track was very slow going. I had just done it 2 weeks ago, no probs. And this time I decided I will do it without taking any breathers. Well it was just so so so so slow. I have never walked so slow in my life. Stupid heart rate.

I seem to have an obsession with steep hills, so I will continue to be a hill-seeker for as long as my body will let me. It will just be very slow going. Fingers crossed for some snow soon so I can do Mt Donna Buang 😉

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