Powerlifting Comp 16/2/14

Yesterday was the first powerlifting comp of the year. I realised I wouldn’t make nationals this year as it is not based on qualification this time, but is invite only in order to have fewer competitors and get it done with quicker. So I decided I should do the February comp to see where I’m at.

With the crazy hot weather we’ve been having, a week or two of getting sick, and then a little more hot weather, my training was average at best. In fact, up until yesterday’s comp, I hadn’t even bench pressed a barbell for 2 or 3 weeks.

I was not feeling particularly well prepared this time. The evening before, I realised I’d lost a deadlifting sock, so had to dash up to Kmart to buy a new pair of socks. On Sunday I was woken up a little earlier than I wanted by the cat throwing up. Then I was running late because of cleaning up. It wasn’t until weigh in that I decided what my opening lifts and warm ups would be. The Chocolate Diet had been going so well (down 2 kg in a 2 weeks) that I decided to have some chocolate for dessert the night before. On Sunday morning I stepped on the scales and realised I was pushing it a bit too much. Many trips to the toilet, not eating or drinking, and removal of shoes and pants got me smack bang on weight with not a gram to spare. On the upside, my belt fit well. It’s never fit well at that weight before, so I figured something must be going right.

I decided to open with a 105kg squat. I knew that would be fairly easy, as I recently hit that number in training for the first time. It felt so light! I got 1 red light for depth. Next I went for a PB – 112.5kg. I got 3 red lights for depth. This one felt heavier, so the primal instinct not to go too low kicked in. 3rd attempt I nailed it for 3 white lights 🙂

During bench I like to have a drink and a bite to eat because I don’t feel sick when benching with a fuller tummy. Of course, I knew that I couldn’t eat too much in case my belt didn’t fit for deadlifts, so I just had one muesli bar and a bottle of water with BCAAs. For bench I opened with 62.5kg. Got it, but it felt heavy, and very unstable. Second attempt was 65kg. I was kind of expecting to get that, as that is my previous PB from December, but I could not even budge it. I failed it again on my 3rd attempt. I was disappointed in this, although I really should not have expected it considering my training lately.

When it came time to warm up for deadlift, my belt fit fine without the suit, but once my suit was up I just couldn’t do it up! In the past I’ve asked a few different guys to help me do it up. I always assumed that guys are stronger so they could do it. But they were never able to. I think they are too gentle with a girl. So I got a champion girl to help me and she could do it easy 🙂

I opened with 135kg – very easy, although I thought I hitched it a bit, I got 3 white lights. Then I went for 142.5kg which is my PB from December. It felt like a grind, although looking at the video, it went up much quicker than it felt. My 3rd attempt was 145kg. I had never attempted this weight before, and I moved it a few inches off the ground, but that was it.

So my average training gave me average results. It’s a good indicator of where I am, and I’ve already made a plan to move forward!

Funny thing: My body is always sore in different places after each comp.

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