Powerlifting Comp 1/12/13

Last Sunday was the last comp of the year. My training had felt good up until the last week where I failed a few lifts. I was hoping for a squat and deadlift PB. I got that, and finally broke my bench PB too!

Here’s the vid:

(many thanks to my client, S, who took over from A to video my lifts)

So I got: Squat 110kg. I failed 112.5kg due to depth, but it really didn’t feel too heavy. I think my subconscious defence mechanisms kicked in and I just cut it short. That’s ok, because I’d actually feel comfortable opening with that amount next time round 🙂 Next was bench and I got 65kg. Very happy with that as I’d been stuck on 62.5kg since February. I have really been struggling with my bench in training, but finally I got it! Deadlift was a new PB too, at 142.5kg. On my 3rd attempt, I should really have gone for 145, but I really wanted to try 150 before the end of the year. I gave it all I had but couldn’t move it off the ground! Oh well 😀

It was a great friendly comp as usual. One of the MU coaches ended up coaching almost all of the girls, which was very nice. There were a few newbies there, with newbie coaches, and the MU coach was great helping those guys and telling them when to get their warm up sets done, which was great. It was also very helpful for coach-less me, because I didn’t have to bother about my attempt cards.

It was very inspiring to see a couple of national records being broken. And it was kind of nice for me to be one of the stronger girls 🙂 But that’s because the Commonwealth Champs are on soon, so that’s what all the strong people are doing.

It was good to compete again. My last PL comp was in March, and I forgot just how much better you lift in a competition environment. I had a new mantra to help me with my bench and deadlifts. I said to myself, I have superpowers, and it was (nearly) true!

Anyway, back to the grind this week. I am focusing on hypertrophy for the rest of the year. Currently I am experiencing DOMS so bad I couldn’t sleep last night and it is very hard to move my arms around. I have only done this many sets of intense work once before and I got sick after a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how long I last this time 🙂


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