I am still dying to get back into running… meanwhile reading up on how to cure my ankle woes with brainpower.

If you experience chronic pain, that is not an injury due to acute trauma, but something you might describe as “overuse” or neurological pain, then it is entirely possible the pain is a figment of your imagination.

“Your own body is a phantom… one that your brain has constructed purely for convenience.” from The Brain That Changes Itself (Norman Doidge)

When you experience pain, it is your brain sensing threat. Pain is a survival mechanism. Pain is what you feel when your brain thinks something is threatening your survival. Here’s a good video that describes what pain actually is:

After reading up a bit on neuroplasticity, I know it is possible to bypass the pain signal. It is possible to tell your brain that there is no threat to your survival… and in minutes – ok that’s being generous, I really mean seconds – your pain is gone.

But “normal” neuroplasticity takes too long. It could take months for a 50% chance of improvement.

So I am currently looking into proprioceptive methods of teaching your brain that you are not under threat.

I am very interested in Z Health, which is an American company teaching some of this stuff. They are coming here next year, and for a mere $2.5k I too can learn a few, but not all, the things I want to learn.

I am also interested in EFT or Tapping…. But again, that seems to only cover a few of the things I want to learn.

Musicians often use Body Mapping to cure injury, but I feel that too, is only a piece of the puzzle.

The Feldenkrais Method also seems to use some of these techniques. Interestingly enough, years ago I bought a book on running using the Feldenkrais Method, but I never read it! Time to dig it out I think! But still… Feldenkrais is just a piece of the puzzle.

I know there is more.

(Edit: Sensory Gating is something also worth looking into here.)

There are vision drills you can do to improve your vision, which in turn improves your range of motion, reduces pain and increases strength. A basic example is the common cue to “look up” when you squat or deadlift. Your body follows your eyes. So when you look up, your body naturally extends as you rise from the squat or deadlift. Guaranteed you’ll lift more than if you’re staring at the ground.

There is a basic proprioceptive drill that Dax Moy teaches, which improves your range of motion in seconds. I’m sure it can improve strength too, although I have not tested it with that yet. You can find it here.

Here is an interesting article on the CNS, pain, and how your body reacts and compensates to the perception of pain. It’s also very interesting to read there on why strength sports fry your CNS. This is the first time I’ve seen it spelt out so simply. And duhhh it’s kinda obvious!

Anyway… I know all this stuff can be linked together for a healthier and pain free body. Finding the info for free online is proving to be difficult and time consuming. I know someone has the answers… Dax Moy does! haha but he’s running different courses in Australia next year, not the course on this stuff.

Speaking of courses…. there are many good ones around next year. There is Wellness Coaching Level 3 for $1.5k. There’s Dax Moy’s thing similar to that for a similar cost, plus flights and accommodation. Although, I’d really prefer to do his “FixMyInjury” course (no, it’s not actually called that, which he is not running in Australia 😦 ). And there’s Z Health doing their thing for $2.5k or so, which again, only covers part of what I want to learn. Which to choose? Which to choose? Which to choose?

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