Kinglake: Sugarloaf – Masons Falls Circuit

Yesterday I met up with an old friend to check out Masons Falls. I had only been there once before, and that was during the drought. There was no water, and it was very unexciting. Although we did spot some lyrebirds, which was cool.

Now the drought is over, and it’s been raining almost every day for a week, I figured it was worth checking it out again.

We started at Mt Sugarloaf. We were running on a track called Running Creek Track 🙂

Running Creek

Running Creek

Running Creek Track

Running Creek Track

After a few kms the track climbed up hill so we walked for a bit up to Masons Falls. They have put in a fantastic viewing platform, which we had to ourselves. It was like a bit of a stadium to view the falls. I can imagine it would get busy on weekends. We looked at the falls and sat down to relax for a bit.

a 20131025_111407

Click to enlarge

The pic really doesn’t do it justice. It really was so much better than I expected.

We walked uphill some more and saw another nice spot to sit down and get your feet wet if that’s something you like to do.

A poor moth nearing the end of his days.

A poor moth that has seen better days.

After that it’s a gradual climb back up to Mt Sugarloaf.

a 20131025_124204

It’s always nice to go up to Kinglake to check out how the trees are going post 2009 fires. The undergrowth is thick in many sections, but the trees are taking longer to grow higher up in the hills.

Grr can’t embed map for some reason. Link to it is here. I hope you can see it 🙂 There’s a straight line where I forgot to turn the GPS back on after standing around looking at signs 🙂


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