Wilhelmina Falls via Mill Track Loop

Since it is the school holidays, work is a bit quiet, and that left me with a WHOLE FREE DAY in THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK! Yay!! (although while writing this, suddenly I didn’t have a whole free day – Oopsies! Lucky I was in my working attire of wet hair and bare feet) So I have a huge list of places to explore, and decided to head out to Wilhelmina Falls. I was a little curious, as it was apparently for experienced bushwalkers only, and was steep with obstacles. But upon completion, it’s a little steep at times, but generally speaking, very pleasant.



Spring is a nice time to go because the wild flowers and wattle are out. And also the whole route has little shade, so you wouldn’t want to be out there on a super hot day. I managed to get a little sunburnt.



Starting at the suspension bridge picnic/camp ground area, the first half of the route is on a wide track, that leads up to Jacksons Road, which is more of a firetrail than a road. One car passed me along the way, because you can also park at the bit where you next turn off, which is towards the falls. It’s all downhill from there, and this is where it gets most interesting.

z4 leaf

After going down hill for a bit, you get to a picnic table and you can hear the roar of the falls. You have to look closely and you’ll find a little track leading directly to the falls.

Side track

Side track

The falls are quite awesome here, and it would make a nice lunch spot to sit on a rock by the water.

z5 leaf2

Going further down the hill, you get more glimpses of the waterfall. It’s really quite long, and very different to other falls. The water falls over big granite slabs for about 75 metres.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

This whole area was burnt in the Black Saturday fires. For as far as you can see, the trees were burnt. And in this area, there is a lot of undergrowth, but not much regrowth on the taller trees.

It was great to get glimpses of the falls from different aspects as you go down the hill.

This is bait, right?

This is bait, right?

Here I am, not climbing the waterfall…

z8 me

And not climbing the waterfall to get a closer look at the waterfall…

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Once you get down to the bottom at the Murrindindi River, it’s nice and flat back to the start.

Here’s the map. It took me 2 hours. I would do a GPS link, but Mapmyrun went a bit crap the last time I looked at it.

wilhelmina falls map



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