Week ending 22/9/13

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I didn’t get all my training in this week. I left out my deadlift assistance, but I’m going to catch up with that tomorrow. So tomorrow will be a mega training day.

Managed to head out to Mt D for a couple of laps of the 1000 steps. I haven’t done any hills in well over a month now, so my legs started to feel it on the 2nd run down. I was too lazy to get my deadlifts in on Saturday. That meant by Sunday my quads were starting to feel it a bit from Mt D and it was slightly painful trying to deadlift and drag the bar up along my ouchies quads. Lucky it was only a light, otherwise it would’ve been tough 😉

Flowers at Mt D.

Flowers at Mt D.

Still wanted to get out for some real exploring, but once again I was working Friday arvo, so I needed to be sure I’d be home in time, hence Mt D rather than something interesting. Now it’s school hols and I have a little less stuff on, I have a couple of days this week where I’m free to do stuff. Although, I have a bunch of other things I want to do, so we’ll see. This week I had a lot of brilliant ideas, including to write a list of all my brilliant things to get done. This list of brilliance tired me out and I think I only crossed 2 things off my list, so I think I will give up this list business (it only lasted a week) or limit my list of things to do to one thing per week 😉

Speaking of tiredness… there’s way too much of that happening at this end. Sometimes it’s hard to do my training, because I feel like I can’t muster the energy for it. There are 2 things going on here. A combination of the cat meowing at 6:30am (big problem on the days I don’t have an early start) and too much coffee (trying to wake up after an early start or a cat wake up call). The other half suggested iron deficiency… a possibility due to low transferrin, but I eat so much food I’m not sure about that, although the caffeine might block it, who knows.

But this annoying tiredness means my enthusiasm for lifting is waning. I always found it easier to do a long run when I’m half asleep. You don’t have to put in much effort for that. As long as you remember to lift your feet high enough so you don’t trip over, it’s all good. But lifting weights is different. I find you need a lot of energy to be able to think about it, and even more to actually do it. All this effort is making me wish even more that my stupid ankle would fix itself so I can get back to running! I’ll be going back to the most recent physio soon.


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