Kettlebell Garage Comp 7/9/13

Yesterday was the KBG‘s 2nd comp in Melbourne. My original plan was to do the powerlifting comp a few weeks ago, then take time off heavy lifting to work on my kettlebell training for this comp. Unfortunately I had the flu for 2+weeks, and this past week was my first full week of training after 3 weeks off. I spent the week doing dedicated powerlifting training for my next PL comp, and only a small amount of kettlebell technique work.

So because of all this, I only entered long cycle at 14kg. I know I should easily be able to do 16kg or even 18kg by now, but I wanted to enjoy this comp, rather than suffer through it. I like to support KBG’s local comps. They have a good friendly vibe, and even if you are not planning to get a personal best, you can go along to have some fun and get a bit of lifting done too.

So I did 14kg with 50 reps on the left side and 53 on the right. I was going to stop at 50 on the right, but I had 30 or so seconds to go, so I just slowed down and did a few more. After the first 2 minutes I sped up a bit, and by the time I switched hands, I was quite happy with the faster pace.

I found it quite tiring towards the end. I joke with my clients that the last minute is the Death Minute. But yesterday it was the last 3 minutes that were Death Minutes! It was all good though. I just had to remind myself that it was only 14kg, I was not aiming for a set number of reps, and all I had to concentrate on was technique.

I did not video myself this time, since I was not making rank or anything. I could feel my left arm was doing an ok job of locking out. My right arm struggled at times, but with a lot of concentration, I could get that elbow to lock out about 60% of the time. That is much better than what my right side used to be able to do. I know if I added 1 or 2 dedicated KB sessions to my program I could improve more, but I am sick of getting sick (twice already this year!) so I need to think more about recovery than adding in more stuff. So for now I will continue to do KBs for fun when I feel like it.

Everyone got an orange KBG tshirt, which is really good quality. I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer!


There was also some peanut butter, from a guy there who’s from a peanut butter place.


There was a mini deadlift comp at the end. Of course, with 3 weeks off training, I shouldn’t’ve expected much, but I still hoped for a PB. I pulled 125kg easy, 130kg with some effort, and failed 142.5kg, putting it down after a long struggle atΒ shin height. I was not happy with this, although I should not have been surprised. James pulled 160kg with one arm (both arms)!

Looking forward to the next KB comp! Hopefully it will fit nicely into my regular programming so I can make some dedicated effort into training πŸ™‚


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