How do I fix my ear?

OK so I’ve been sick the past week. I took 4.5 days off work – this is the longest I’ve been out of action ever. And I missed my powerlifting comp that would have been today.

The Other Half now also has my flu, and our cat Bobo has been beaten up by the mean cat again. It’s a miserable household, this one.

I started a blog about my cats, because cats are awesome, and my cats get up to all sorts of things. You can find it (and subscribe to it by email if you like cat stories) here: Bobo & Cleo.

So I actually have a residual problem from the flu that is driving me crazy with annoyance, deafness, tinnitus and pain. One ear is blocked. It’s a sinus thing, not a wax thing. I breathe through my nose just fine, but the tube between my ear and throat/nose/eye area is blocked. The following things haven’t worked: Idiot doctor, steam, decongestant nasal spray, saline spray (through nose and ear, desperate enough to try eyes), decongestant tablet (whatever the new pseudoephedrine substitute is), antibiotics (which I doubt I needed, but I did see an idiot). Any useful ideas? I would rather cut off half my head that put up with this much longer.


4 thoughts on “How do I fix my ear?

  1. ChocolateChilliMango (@ChocChilliMango)

    If there is a sinus infection, the antibiotics are a smart move (the doctor may well be much less of an idiot than you think). Having had many of them in my long lifetime of sinusitis, trust me you need to nuke the infection.
    if you have fluid in the eustachian tube, you will have to see someone about that again. depending on how serious it is (result of infection –> antibios or maybe a draining of the fluid).
    Go see your doctor and take it from there.
    Don’t prolong this by dismissing the medical profession. Trust me, I live with this stuff all the time.

  2. Anna Post author

    I just dislike this one particular doc. I will see my usual one later in the week, or maybe a cheaper one closer to home. The ear thing has been going on for 6 days 😦

    1. Anna Post author

      Not any more. But my ear has been partially blocked since around August last year.

      I only found out recently that you can go to the ear and eye hospital in the city as an emergency patient so it’s free. I think you could also get a referral from a doc to get a regular appointment there. I plan to do that at some point, but I think to fix my thing I’d need a minor procedure, and that would have to wait til next year for me.

      Do you know what your cause is? I think it’s quite common.


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