Week ending 11/8/13

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This week all my lifting sucked. Squat was a major effort and I simply gave up. Bench I felt weaker than I should have. And deadlift… well this day was when everything fell apart. I just felt so exhausted that I had to reduce the weight. Then when I was doing GHRs later in that session, I felt dizzy in between sets. By then end of the day I was dizzy, aching and shivering 😦

So basically I was lying down for much of Friday and Saturday. Sunday I didn’t have time. But back to lying down again today…

Now I am getting concerned that I might not make it to the comp this weekend. This week I had scheduled my lifts to be 3 x 1 for squats and 2 x 2 for bench and deadlifts – so quite heavy. But I’m not sure I can muster the effort. No training today, but we’ll see how the week goes.

I think getting sick might explain my lack of progress over the past 2 weeks, and being tired, and feeling like I’m getting weaker. I hope it does, anyway.


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