Week ending 28/7/13

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Last week was a scheduled recovery week. I was going to do some assistance work, but ended up doing nothing except an easy walk around Mt D followed by the BSAR training weekend.

I was looking forward to this week with reduced sets and reps for everything!

I still found squats hard. I thought it was all in my head. So I flipped through my training diary and saw I have never done 97.5kg for 3 reps before. 2 reps was my previous max reps at that weight. Of course, it was still all in my head, because after the first set I was thinking too much and failed the next set, then reduced the weight. It is always better to think only of technique, and to think of only one rep at a time. Thinking about the weight, or however many reps and sets left is the best way to psych yourself out of it! It is best to pretend to be a brute male, who cannot think and do stuff at the same time.

I was very happy with how my bench went! Although there was still some failage going on, I have never done 60kg for 3 reps before. 2 reps (with pause) is my max at that weight. So I am partly terrified, and partly excited for next week’s bench 😀 😀 😀

Deadlift was easy. I mean, not easy, but I have done that weight a bazillion times before. I am not increasing the weight too much yet on that so that my form is still good and my back stays happy. Although, I have found over the past few months that I only get referred pain from my back after Squat Day (spinal compression, not form, causing this).

Bodyweight wise, I am very happy. Down 3kg in 4 weeks, so I am no longer in danger of having to move up a weight class! I have never eaten so much food in my life. It is awesome! Although I had a couple of chocolates this week (uh oh, you can guess which days from my training diary above), I am keeping up this protocol until my next comp in a few weeks.

After my jaunt up Mt Donna Buang on Friday, my stupid ankle was being stupider than usual. Hills are no good for it. Such a shame, because no hills = boring.

I am conducting a survey about what to do next about my stupid ankle. Should I:

  1. See the osteo again, and request he treat it from a different perspective (and tell him exactly what I think, even though it’s not my job/expertise)?
  2. Pay a bazillion buckazoids to someone I found online, who knows how to treat problems by looking not just at the site of pain, but at the cause, which is often elsewhere?
  3. See my physio again, and say to him what I would say to the osteo?

What do you think?



One thought on “Week ending 28/7/13

  1. ChocolateChilliMango (@ChocChilliMango)

    Sounds like a great week … love the word “failage” .. .I think i know that dude rather well 😉
    Congrats on the dietary success too! Awesome (but sorry for the deviation … small, won’t kill the outcome 😀 )

    If you think the osteo is helpful, go back and talk to him about your observations and thoughts.
    If you think the osteo is not helpful, go back to the physio and do likewise. Go to whichever you think is most appropriate to help.
    Don’t go looking for someone else at this point (particularly without a recommendation) if you have some regard for both the osteo and/or physio.

    Too much stuffing around with multiple opinions on this stuff can actually hinder progress.
    Maybe you need to set aside some of your own biases against these guys LOL


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