Week ending 14/7/13

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Squat and bench felt particularly heavy this week. This coming week is recovery week, so no heavy stuff (phew) and then greatly looking forward to reducing my rep range the following week and hopefully some real strength will shine through 😀

Next weekend I have some training up in the mountains. The forecast is snow showers at -1 degrees. How many layers of thermals will I need? I have a total of 5 thermal tops and 2 thermal bottoms. Considering I usually wear 2 thermal tops in Melbourne (often plus polar fleece or two), I think if I wear 4 thermal tops plus a polar fleece (or two?) plus a jacket, I should be right. Then thermal bottoms and softshell pants should be ok for the legs. And explorer socks + waterproof socks for the tootsies.

Is there anyone reading this who often does snow stuff? Will that be enough? Or will I freeze to death?


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