Week ending 7/7/13

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Every Monday I am scared to death of my squat workout. Funny how training sessions can sometimes be just as tough psychologically as physically. Last week on Monday I failed to complete my last squat set. I think I psyched myself out. I’m currently in the middle of squats again, and it’s not getting any easier.

It’s about 5 weeks til the next comp. I looked up the 2013 Australian rankings, and currently I’m number 5 in my weight class! Yay! I am expecting to improve my total, although my body weight has increased significantly, so my Wilks total may not be much different.

Right now I am focusing on eating a tonne of vegies. Not literally a tonne, but at least 1.5kg per day. Up to 2.5kg if I can fit it in. I eat other things too. The Other Half is shocked at the volume of food consumed. With the exception of a delicious piece of cake on Saturday, courtesy of Chocchillimango, I’ve had a ridiculously healthy week. Body weight is down, and I plan for it to go down some more before the comp.


Fortunately the rest of the cake is frozen. And as I learnt from my piece on Saturday, it takes an inconveniently long time to defrost, so no more cake for a while 🙂


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