Marysville – Keppel Lookout – Steavenson’s Falls

Yesterday I had a great run/walk out at Marysville. I’ve looked up lots of maps, and there are a bazillion places to go there, including to the top of Lake Mountain, which I hope to do in the snow some time.

I had an older map, with a route marked similar to this, with the start at a different location in the town. But after looking online, I found a route done post Black Saturday, so if I followed this, at least I’d know the trails would be there.


Because there has been so much work done since the fires, the trails are very well maintained. I didn’t really feel like I was doing any proper trail running because everything was a little too comfortable.

There is so much regrowth, that at times during the walk, you wouldn’t know that just a couple of years ago there was nothing but charcoal trees.

A reminder of 2009.

A reminder of the past.

This loop starts at the information centre in town. After a couple of kms of flat gravel path, there’s about 5km straight uphill to Keppel Lookout.

View from Keppel Lookout. See those 2 peaks? Cathedral Ranges. To be done soon :)

View from Keppel Lookout. See those 2 peaks? Cathedral Ranges. To be done soon 🙂

The views are amazing. But what struck me most was some amazing harmonics coming from some pipes in the town centre. It was beautiful. I decided to sit down for a bit and have a bite to eat. I relaxed, listening to the harmonics that were echoing around the hills. It was pretty windy up here though, and it was too cold to hang around for long, so I continued along in the direction of Steavenson’s Falls.

On the way to the falls are a couple more lookouts, but not nearly as good as the first. The track descended, and I could hear the falls.


I didn’t see anyone on this walk until this point, where a young boy was walking briskly up the hill in my direction. Then I remembered it was school holidays. About 10 minutes later his father, I presume, was walking up and asked if I’d seen a teenage boy. Yep… and it’ll be a while before you catch him. At the next intersection I came across the mother and daughter asking about the boy.

I got to the top of the falls. Although I have seen the falls many times, I had never been to the top before. From here down to the bottom there were lots of families out and about.

Steavenson's Falls

Steavenson’s Falls

Once at the bottom of the falls, it was a rather mundane flat path back to the info centre.

I asked the info people what the harmonic pipes were. Apparently they’re part of the play equipment, and they just make a noise when the kids play on them. I really wanted to get a recording of them from the top of the lookout. I tried to video a few times with my phone, but it only picked up the wind. Back in town, no one was playing the pipe things, and I didn’t want to find them and make a noise because by then it was lunch time and there were lots of kids out, and I would’ve looked like a bizarro person.

Here’s the route I did. It’s a bit over 14kms, and at my dawdling pace took about 2.5 hours, with photo stops and lunchies.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

My stupid right ankle didn’t like the first 5km uphill. It was a bit sore from then on. Not happy about that. I think I know what the problem is. I just don’t know how to fix it myself. And no one else has managed to fix it. I think I will try the osteo one more time, and this time tell him to fix it from a different angle, rather than his way, which hasn’t been working so far. Then if that doesn’t work, I’ll give up on it again. Whenever I read up on it, most ways to fix it seem to be with surgery (such as here). I can’t seem to find any other way to fix it, although I know there must be someone out there who knows how.


2 thoughts on “Marysville – Keppel Lookout – Steavenson’s Falls

  1. Valentine Smith on 0418 207 789

    Hello Anna, I am interested in your experiences on this hike. I am investigating the disappearance of Damian McKenzie, a 10 year old boy, who was reported lost at Steavenson Falls on 4 September 1974. I am particularly interested in your comments relating to your assessment of the weather, the encounter with the enthusiastic lad who was some distance ahead of his parents and any other details you noticed, with further emphasis on when you first heard the sound of Steavenson Falls, whilst walking on the track from Keppells. Valentine Smith

    1. Anna Post author

      Hi Valentine, I am so sorry it seems like you have to do this yourself rather than rely on the relevant services. I really wish I could help you, but I did this walk so long ago, I couldn’t even guess distances or anything like that. Weather was overcast and breezy at the top of the hills, not foggy or anything that would impede sight. I wish you all the luck ❤


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