Week ending 19/5/13 + Osteo visit

Finally after some time off due to sickness, I got back to it this week. I only got the big lifts done. No light stuff as I am still sick, and don’t want to push it too much. Also, I was (and am still) ridiculously sore from the high volume training sessions.

Monday – Squats @ gym
  • 2 sets:
    • Hip & thoracic mobility
    • 3 Lateral band walks
  • Squat: 3 x 10 @ 62.5kg (omg legs shaking, couldn’t walk up/down stairs for days!)

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Bench + Deadlift
  • Bench: 10 @ 46kg, 6 @ 46kg (failed 7th rep), 9 @ 42.5kg, 7 @ 42.5kg
  • Deadlift: 3 x 10 @ 77.5kg (tough because quads still sore from Monday, and found it hard to stand up)
Thursday – Accessory stuff @ gym
  • Renegade row: 2 x 8 @ 30lb
  • Superset:
    • DB Bench: 3 x 10 @ 30lb
    • DB Curl: 3 x 10 @ 20lb
  • Superset:
    • Lying tricep extension: 3 x 10 @ 30lb
    • DB Lateral raise with pause: 3 x 10 @ 10lb
  • Lat pull down: 10 @ 80, 8 @ 100, 12 @ 80
  • Single leg KB Deadlift: 3 x 8 @ 2 x 16kg

Rest of week: Rest

Total training: 2 hrs 25 min
Nutrition: Nonsense

Today I went to an osteo to get my stupid ankle looked at. I had never considered an osteo before because I hadn’t heard any reports of lasting change, and some seem to be a bit quackish, not explaining things properly or offering long term solutions.

This guy is a runner, and was recommended by a runner friend, and I told him I had high hopes, and I’ll be pissed if he doesn’t fix me. Actually I wanted him to fix the referred pain from my back as well, but after 5 years of injury history rattled out to him he decided to look at the ankle for now. He reckons 6 weeks of visits and I’ll be right enough to be able to run 10km in October. I’ll believe it if I see it. He talked himself up a lot, saying he’s often people’s last resort, and he’s fixed them all. Whatevs. Doesn’t mean anything to me until I see results for myself.

After pulling my legs around a bit, and some very painful dry needling, he told me what I already know – stiff right big toe and very tight calfs with lots of knots, causing compression around the ankle. He reckons he can free that all up, then I can add in some strengthening, and then I should be able to get back into running slowly.

After the dry needling (which included a bit of swearing, and me warning him that I accidentally kicked the last acupuncturist I saw), he warned me when I stood up from the bench, my calfs would be very painful. I stood up and he was right. He said it would get worse during the day. He was right. I had to walk around on tip toes for a while because I couldn’t stretch my calfs enough to stand flat-footed. It was pretty dangerous driving around afterwards, because I couldn’t use the clutch very well. But after a couple of hours, and some moving around, they are not too bad. Still quite sore, but moving is better.

He told me to go for some walks and try a little bit of running to see how it goes, and only on flat ground. What will be painful for me is walking (boring), flat ground (boring) and specifically being told not to hit up Mt D 😦 I’m not sure how I’ll go with that.

Apparently my calfs will hurt for 48 hours, so this means I will have to cram my training in the 2nd half of the week. I’m supposed to see him weekly, but I made the next appointment a bit later because I don’t have health insurance so it costs a fortune so I will drag it out, and also so I can get my training done for the week first.

So… we’ll see how it goes. If he expects me to return for treatment for 6 weeks then I expect miracles.


2 thoughts on “Week ending 19/5/13 + Osteo visit

  1. Viviane

    LOL too bad you didn’t kick him! But hey, give the guy a chance … if he got the diagnosis right, that’s a good sign. Plus he focussed on one thing for now which is also a good sign.
    With chronic post injury problems, it always takes a longer treatment period … I had acupuncture for a year on my scap and neck/shoulder before I could stop going (a chronic 20 year issue) and it took months before the migraines stopped completely.
    Give it and yourself some time.

    hey, with the calves and ankle, how will squatting affect it???

    1. Anna Post author

      I told him my plan was to do squats today, and he didn’t say anything about it (other than to do it later in the week). I find squats are ok as long as I wear lifting shoes. I never squat without them now anyway, even light stuff, due to the ankle.

      Yeah I know it should take longer since it’s now chronic. But because of the cost, it’s not something I’m prepared to do for too long if I don’t see improvement quickly. It’s my bday pressie to myself. It was either this or the naturopath for other issues.


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