Horses’ Hill

I’ve been meaning to start a birthday tradition of running as many kilometres as my age. It wasn’t going to happen this year, but a solar eclipse on your bday is still a nice treat anyway…

So on Friday morning I walked up Horses’ Hill to sit on a bench and watch the solar eclipse.

eclipseI stared at the sun for a bit. It was pretty cool.

I thought it would be nice to sit there in the sun and relax for a bit. But I’ve been sick and was coughing constantly. I think there was a lot of smoke in the air.


There were some galahs things in a tree above me. The pink on them looked more vibrant than usual, and the dark bit was pretty dark, not the usual light grey.

No other exercise this week. Been sick, coughing up my lungs, and no desire to lift lighter weights for the sake of it. I’ll be back at it next week, although probably not in public so it doesn’t look like I should have stayed at home.



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