Melbourne’s Strongest Man And Woman 2013

Yesterday was MSM&W, held at Defo Gym. The only training I had done was a few regular barbell clean and jerks (not heavy, just for technique) and on Monday I did some axle clean and jerks – I got up to 2 reps at 40kg. So… I wasn’t exactly trained for a day of extreme conditioning, high reps of things, dragging sleds and running with sandbags etc. I didn’t care. I wasn’t in it to compete as such, just to have a bit of fun.

So long story short – I came last, as expected.

Here’s the recap:

1st event – Sled Drag
There was some weight on a sled (maybe 60kg?). We had to drag it up a slight incline, and every 20 metres or so remove a weight plate. My quads felt like jelly after this. My legs can take pretty much anything, so this was an amusing surprise.

2nd event – Deadlifts
There were 3 barbells loaded at different weights (for us 70+kg girls they were 125kg, 100kg & 75kg). We had 75 seconds to lift as much total weight as possible. I started on the 100kg bar, and moved to the 75kg bar, before feeling sick and unfit.

3rd event – Axle clean and jerk
As many reps as possible in 75 seconds. For the 70kg girls the bar was at 45kg. ermmm so if you read my first paragraph, you’ll know I haven’t lifted this weight on the axle bar before! One rep and I was done 😀

4 Axle


4th event – Medley
I think we had 75 seconds to complete 20 metres sled drag (don’t know the weight), 20 metres sandbag carry (don’t know weight) and 10 metres tyre flip (150kg). I’m glad I got this one done… and just in time.

5th event – Sandbag throws
Again, 75 seconds, to complete 4 sandbag carries and throws over a bar (130cm? – a bit tall for me) and one stone. I’ve never lifted even the 60kg stone before, and this was 75kg put in front of me. Whatevs. 😉

It was a great day and lots of fun. It was particularly inspiring to see the other girls compete. They had obviously trained hard and were super strong and fit. One of the <70kgs hurt her leg on the axle event and had a huge lump the size of a tennis ball on her quad. But she kept going, and won her division. Amazing stuff! It was also exciting to see the guys do the atlas stones (rather than sandbags, they can lift actual heavy things).

I’ve been really inspired by these amazingly strong and fit girls, so today I wrote up my next program for my next powerlifting comp, and included more conditioning into the week. Oh, and I already started training today. It was kinda tough 🙂

Special thanks to Defo for putting on another great event. And also to the sponsor. We got a good showbag this time, with a pressie from Black and Blue, and also a protein shake from Alkaline Extreme. But get this – the protein shake is actually a decent one, and I will give this one a go, instead of throw it out as I usually do with samples. And I also got a meal from Zuji Nutrition. They do portion controlled meals that are actually healthy. Kinda like Lite n Easy, but for body builders. I had fish and green vege. Not bad for a microwave meal, but I like fresh fish 😉

Thanks heaps also to A, who came along for most of it. And thanks heaps to my clients V and J, who popped by and also helped video stuff when A was not around 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Strongest Man And Woman 2013

  1. ChocolateChilliMango (@ChocChilliMango)

    Well, last or not, you did amazingly especially considering you did no training at all really.
    I think you should compete again although yes the PL is #1 🙂
    Was fantastic to watch you all. You have no idea how inspiring it is even for those of us who could never do that in a million years.
    Great effort!

    1. Anna Post author

      Never in a million years? I reckon you’d be good at this sort of stuff. You push through anything! Your cardio fitness would be much better than mine right now. And 75 seconds… only a bit more than your 30 second rule.

      Oh yeah… and will def do again. The only thing stopping me doing it earlier was you had to qualify, and I just couldn’t be arsed paying to do a qualifying thing. You still kind of had to qualify for this but I was told I’d be right.


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