The Kettlebell Garage Competition 13/4/13

On Saturday was The Kettlebell Garage’s first comp. The organisers decided to break away from the WKC federation, and all federations, to create their own group without the bitching that goes on between federations.

I found it a little odd they wanted to create their own ranking system in the future – to be honest, I think they should not have one. But I suppose it will be more to enforce safe lifting and quality lifting than anything else. Of course, when you video your set, you can submit it to whichever federation you want in order to get a rank however you like. And this is the case with any comp anyway.

I entered long cycle, at the WKC’s lightest weight of 14kg. I already have rank 3, so could have attempted any weight up to 18kg, but I did not want to train seriously, and would not have been at a good enough level to give that a proper go. I’d prefer to keep kettlebell training as something to do for fun, and not part of a highly regimated training program, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever lift at a high level, but I do strive for quality lifts and always aim to improve my form.

My training in the lead up consisted of 2 or 3 kettlebell specific sessions and a few trail runs to increase cardiovascular fitness.

It was a really small comp this time with maybe about 1/2 the number of lifters as usual. I think it just wasn’t promoted very well/at all. One of my clients was competing, and another came to spectate – and help video a set when my hands were still shaking after my set! πŸ˜€

I don’t have much to say about it really, since I wasn’t trying to win anything or even lift a certain number of reps. I just wanted to do good reps.

My vid is here:

I can see I am much better than I was previously at long cycle. My arms are locking out better and fixation overhead is much better. As with previous times, I’ve found my neck and traps were very sore for the following 2 days. I think because I learnt to clean and jerk a barbell before a kettlebell, I move my head a lot out of habit, as you would when you are clearing your head of the barbell. Of course, this isn’t really necessary with a kettlebell, so that’s one thing for me to work on.

I didn’t really find it too exhausting. I mean, I was out of breath, and my arms were fatigued, but 10 minutes of long cycle with little specific training didn’t completely wreck me, which is what I expected. So I’m pretty happy about that.

As usual, it was great to lift alongside friendly lifters, see lots of good lifting, and walk away with some things to practise at home. I really love these events for this reason. You don’t have to have a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. It’s really about giving it a go and doing the best you can, then walking away after learning a bit more about yourself and the sport πŸ™‚


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