Week ending 14/4/13 and Yoga Take 2

Monday – Kettlebell practise
  • Long cycle: 8 mins @ 8kg, 12RPM
  • Long cycle: 5 mins @ 12kg, 10 RPM
  • Long cycle: 3 mins @ 16kg, 8 RPM
Tuesday – Cardio
  • 40min run

Wednesday – Exhausted

Thursday – The Hills
  • 1 hr run/walk around RJ Hamer Arboretum, Mt D.

Friday – A bit lazy

Saturday – Kettlebell Competition
  • Long cycle @ 14kg.
  • Will write up more detail later

Sunday – Yoga

Total training: 3hr 30min
Nutrition: Good, with 3 small treats

Today I tried yoga again. I really want to like it. It should be good for me. I tried it once before at a gym where I had free access, but it was really crap and boring, and so pointless. Today I went with a friend to a proper yoga studio and did “Flow Yoga”. I think it’s like Power Yoga and vinyasa mixed up in a 28 degree room, or something. I don’t really know.

I liked the fact that a proper instructor was taking it, unlike at the gym. My neck, lats and anterior delts were a little sore from yesterday’s comp, so I was a little scared of what was to come. 15 minutes into it, I decided I didn’t like it, and that it would be a really long hour! I next looked at my watch 15 minutes later and was wondering how painful the last half hour would be. But it actually got better, and it was feeling better and suddenly it was all over.

I really liked that there was a mix of abilities, including some advanced people who were doing the splits. It was definitely a good class. It costs the same amount to do 1 casual class as it does for a week long intro. So I got a week long thingo, and will try to come back once or twice during the week. I won’t sign up properly as it’s no where near me, but I hope to be back, maybe a little better, and maybe the time will go quicker at the start now I know what to expect.

Something I found really interesting is some of the sequences are exactly what I do myself as part of my warm ups for my regular training. I was good at those bits!

Normally in my gym, I am used to people playing metal to get pumped up for lifting heavy weights. Everyone wants to get fired up. Sometimes there’s yelling. Often there’s swearing. It’s loud. And intense. I like that. Funnily enough, what I liked best about yoga today was at the end when we just lay down and relaxed to the new age music.

It was quite inspiring to see ridiculously flexible people, while my poor tight hips complained, and my poor arms got tired of doing the half plank thingo all the time. Maybe I will try to incorporate some more of this stuff into my training.


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