Week ending 31/3/13

Very lazy week, with a lot of chocolate hot cross buns!

Monday – Nope

Tuesday – Nope

Wednesday – Nope

Thursday – Got conned into doing a strongman comp soon, so decided to muck around at the gym
  • 2 x Mobility-plex
  • Clean and Jerk: 5 @ 30kg, 4 @ 35kg, 3 @ 40kg
  • Jerk: 3 x 5 @ 30kg
  • Front squat: 5 @ 20kg, 6 @ 40kg, 50kg, 40kg
  • 30 min walk (not counted towards total)

Friday – Nope

Saturday – Hills
  • 2hr 20min walk around Mt Dandenong, including a couple of killer hills

Sunday – Easter Eggs

Total training: 3 hours
Nutrition: Shocking

After the powerlifting comp the previous weekend, I decided to take it easy for a bit. I have a kettlebell comp coming up in 1.5 weeks, but haven’t started training for that. I also have a strongman comp the week after. I really only need to improve my jerks and get used to the axle bar – the rest will be easy.

After an incredibly lethargic week from too much coffee and sugar, this week my nutrition is back on track. I am just enjoying my training with a mix of things – part trail running, part olympic lifting, part kettlebell sport, part meathead and part strongman 🙂 The next powerlifting comps are in May and August. I think I will probably skip the May one, and after the kettlebell and strongman comps I will put together my program for powerlifting again. I’ve got some more big numbers to hit if I want to get A grade by the end of the year 🙂

But it’s good for now not to take my training too seriously. In the meantime, somehow my barbell clean and jerks have gone from good form to very good form, despite not doing them for over a year 🙂 Mind you, they are quite tiring… All that fast moving and stuff 🙂

This weekend was the Barkely Marathons. I think I have mentioned it before here. I have read the book on it, and every year follow the progress. This year 2 people finished it. I wonder if that is a record number of finishers? The race concept is just brilliant. I am fascinated by this race. It captivates me. I would love nothing more than to one day run out there. You have to read about it elsewhere, as it is better reading first hand accounts – from the entry process to the time the runner quits – and they will.  Even if you are not a runner I would think you’d find it interesting. Or insane.


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