Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island

Today we got up at 2am – yes – 2am to go fishing at Cape Woolamai. The other half (A) is into fishing and he wanted to get there at whatever the right tide situation was. So it was an early start.

We got to Woolamai Beach, set up shop, and I proclaimed I would have a snooze in the car for a bit. My original plan was to go for a trail run around Cape Woolamai, starting in the dark, with my head torch, and finishing while watching the sunrise, but I was kinda tired and couldn’t be bothered. But by the time I said I was going back to the car, the moon had set, and A couldn’t see anything, so we both had a snooze in the car. There were quite a few cars there – mostly surfers. And when we woke up at dawn, the carpark was pretty much full with surfers.

We decided to go a bit further down the road to ANZAC Beach. Again, more surfers, but it wasn’t quite so busy.

A got his rods set up, while I sat on the beach and ate dark chocolate coated coffee beans for breakfast. I am always surprised at how they turn me from not a morning person to the most morningest person ever.

cape woolamai run

Morning. It was so calm, I had to wait a few minutes to get a shot with a wave in it, so you’d know I was at a beach.

The sun started to shine, A had one rig stolen by a shark (who nearly took the whole rod), and I was ready to rock.

So I ran from ANZAC Beach to Cape Woolamai.

It started with 1km of pure sandy beach. I had never run that far non stop on beach before, but I did today ūüôā

Then it was up some steps for a pleasant, easy going, cliff top run along a large mutton bird rookery.

The track is sandy, with some rocky bits.¬†So it was time to stop going barefoot and put on my thongs. Yes, I ran in my thongs. And it was surprisingly comfortable. Except when a stick pierced the bottom of one thong and stabbed my foot so I started bleeding. I guess because it was still sandy, it was very slow going, so it wasn’t so bad. Obviously you can’t run at any decent pace in thongs. I was going at what would be a normal brisk walk pace on the road. I would like to say I barely broke a sweat, but because it was hot, even by 9am the sweat was stinging my eyes. I barely raised my¬†heart rate¬†though, because I was that slow.

cape woolamai run

Looking back at the beach where I started

The water was awesome. Once away from the thousands of surfers and paddle boarders, there were a few scuba divers out amongst the rocks.

I passed one walker fully decked out with big bushwalking boots, large backpack and trekking poles. I must have looked a bit loony running by in thongs, carrying nothing but a 300ml drink bottle.

There were plenty of wallabies and lots of different sea birds. It is the most easiest trail ever (after all, I did it in thongs and barefoot), and because it is so flat, there are views everywhere. 

cape woolamai run

Ancient Rock

I got to the lighthouse beacon thing at the end of Cape Woolamai… More of a beacon than a lighthouse. I texted A to say I was going to run the loop (as opposed to just the beach, which I had finished ages ago) and gave an ETA. Because he’s with Vodafone, I didn’t expect him to receive the text for another day or so, so I decided to do the short version of the trail in case he was wondering where I was. The long version is¬†apparently¬†8km from Woolamai carpark. My shorter version was 9km, including 2km return from ANZAC Beach.

cape woolamai run

The other side of Woolamai. Wish I had a real camera with a polariser. Or at least polariser sunnies so I could see through the water better.

Running along the beach was a bit of a slog on the way back, but I still made it without stopping. It was really pleasant out there, and I might do the longer loop some other time.

cape woolamai run

Back at the beach. It was a perfectly calm day so these were the biggest waves for the surfers.

Here’s the map of the run if anyone’s interested. This is the short loop. You can go around the whole thing, rather than cutting through the middle on the return like I did.

cape woolamai


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