Week ending 17/2/13

In the lead up to my powerlifting comp on Sunday, I increased my weights, but did very low volume. I also had a lot of rest days!

Monday – Rest!

Tuesday – Bench & Squat
  • Bench: 2, 1 @ 60kg with pause (failed last rep) (PB for reps)
  • Squat: 2 x 2 @ 92.5kg
Wednesday – Walk
  • 10.3km walk around Mt Dandenong, including some killer hills
Thursday – Deadlift Day
  • Deadlift: Failed a rep at 117.5kg (grip)
  • then 2 @ 115kg (didn’t bother with 2nd set)

Friday – Rest 🙂

Saturday – Rest 😀

Sunday – Comp

Total work: 5 hours
Nutrition: Rubbish

While it doesn’t look like I did much, my total work time was a decent amount because of all the warm up sets for my training – I have never written them down here. I don’t even write down in my paper training diary the actual weights, only the number of reps. If anyone is interested, an example would be for Tuesdays bench I warmed up with 5, 4, 3, 1, 1 reps and then for squat I did 5, 4, 2, 1, 1 reps. Weights? Whatever I feel like at the time. Tuesdays session actually took 1.5 hours with the warm ups, work sets and rest periods.

Since I qualified for nationals on Sunday, I am thinking I might go for it. It’s on in about 5 weeks or so. My SI joint has been killing me since Sunday so I am thinking of switching to sumo deadlift. I haven’t lifted sumo in over a year, but it’s time to give it a go. Today I trained sumo at a light weight and it felt ok. I am going to do higher volume body building style training this week to improve some of my weaknesses, then go back to powerlifting training for a few weeks, but much lower volume on deadlifts. Hopefully this will bring up my sumo to match my conventional deadlift. And also put less strain on my lower back. I expect to match my deadlift, match my bench or possibly get it to 65kg, and to increase my squat between now and nationals… if I enter, that is. Then after that I will have a few weeks to prepare for the next kettlebell comp 🙂

Nutrition will be tidied up soon 😉


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