Powerlifting Competition

Well I finally did it! I made B Grade!

My prep for this comp didn’t feel the greatest. This is my first full comp (did a couple of bench only comps) after my back injury, and my deadlifts felt rubbish over the past couple of weeks. Since the deadlift is usually my best lift, I wondered if I was really cut out for this stuff.

When I woke up, I had some zinc, acetyl L carnitine & alpha lipoic acid to give me energy. I drove into the venue feeling nauseous with nerves as usual.

Weigh in was always going to be a shock, since I no longer have scales at home. After eating like a pig over Christmas, and being on the Chocolate Diet for the past couple of weeks, I knew it wasn’t going to look good. I was up 4kg from last weigh-in in November to 78.x kg. Wow!

After that trauma, I went to get a coffee and had an oat bar for breaky. That extra caffeine and sugar would give me even more energy, and also I figure the carbs in the oat bar would give me some bloat so my lifting belt would be super tight. I also drank a ton of water throughout the day (with BCAAs) since it was 33 degrees, and there was no air con in the building.

I felt very nervous leading up to the squat, as that is the most terrifying lift for me. My warm ups felt good, and I was very confident of my opener of 95kg. It was easy. My previous PB is 97.5kg, so I decided to beat that on my 2nd attempt and went for 100kg. I kinda freaked out a bit, and got 1 red light for depth, but I knew I could go heavier. So for my 3rd attempt, I went for 105kg, felt even more nervous, and just did it! It was heavy, but I am wondering if I could have gone for even more. Either way, I was very happy with this! To finally get over 100kg is a milestone and it also meant I had a better chance of getting a total of 300, which is B grade in my weight class. Looking at my form, it was pretty good. In the past I have caved forward a bit, but I guess my abs and back are getting stronger because my posture is pretty good throughout.

I was very glad once the squat was over. Warming up for bench was easy. I was going to open with 60kg, which, based on training, would be a piece of cake. That is also my last PB, and last week in training, I managed that for 2 reps. So 60kg turned out to be lightweight. Next I went for 62.5kg. A new PB in the bag! It felt pretty easy too. For my third attempt I went for 65kg. I lowered it fine, it was nice and steady, but on the press command, it just stayed put! Oh well, I progress very slowly on bench and was still very happy with a new PB.

After that I did some calculations and saw I needed a 132.5kg deadlift to get a total of 300. My previous PB is 130, so you’d think I’d be super confident and find this dead easy. But since my training had been less than stellar, I really didn’t know if I could do it.

I wasn’t even that confident of my 117.5kg opener – but once I did it, it was easy. I should have gone for 130 or more for my 2nd attempt, but I still was not confident, so I went for 127.5kg – something that would have been easy in the past, but may be really really hard today. As it turned out, it was easy! Then I knew I only had to do 132.5kg. I was considering going higher for a bigger PB but I that wasn’t part of today’s plan. So for my third attempt I did 132.5kg. It was a bit harder, but no problem at all.

Here is the video:

All I can say is I am super happy I made it to B Grade! It took a year of specific training to do it. This means I have qualified to enter the nationals next month. I am not sure if I should do it though, as my back is a bit funny – not the same injury, but just some over-use or over-strained type stuff going on around the SI joint.

After this comp I had a really sore arse!! I don’t know if my gluteus maximus was sore from sitting around all day (there’s a lot of sitting in those 6 hours), or if I used my glutes properly in the squat and deadlift, or if it was actually referred pain from the SI joint.

For now I will take a day or two of rest, then take advantage of being a fatarse and lift some heavy weights to build some more muscle!

Oh, I forgot to mention I won my weight class, and not because I was the only one in it 😉 My next goal is to make A Grade, which means adding another 40kg to my total. Or losing 6kg. Haha. I know which is more likely.

Anyway, I am doing a survey. Do you think I should enter nationals next month or not? Majority rules. Thanks 🙂


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