2 Laps of The 1000 Steps

Today I head out to the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs for a couple of laps. I think the most I have done is 3 or 4 laps up the steps, to the very top (not just to the top of the steps) and down the Lyrebird Track. I am sick of having poor cardiovascular fitness just because I am too injured to run, and I hate walking.

So I thought 2 laps would get the heart rate going. I forgot that I would be affected by DOMS from yesterday’s squat session, that I would be dead tired coz it’s Friday and that’s 4 days of getting up at 5am, and that I have terrible cardio fitness, oh and that my ankle is still screwed.

But it was a mild day, and so it was a good day to not die of heat exhaustion.


The first lap took 45 minutes – I think that is nearly my slowest on record. It felt as bad as what a 3rd lap usually feels like. For the first time in years I could no longer take 2 steps at a time. I was even overtaken by not one, but two people! The second lap took 51 minutes. That IS the lowest on record! But I’m glad I did it.

Now my stupid ankle is killing me and I’m limping, and I’ll still be limping tomorrow. But I love to hit the trails, and if this is the cost, then for now I’m willing to pay it 🙂


I have tried rest, physio, acupuncture, reiki-type healing and dad suggested surgery the other day. No way. I still hope to run at least one trail race this year, and I have my heart set on a short one near the end of the year so I at least have to improve my cardiovascular fitness before I can think about training 🙂


4 thoughts on “2 Laps of The 1000 Steps

  1. Chocolate Chilli Mango®

    next time you head out to do the 1000 steps…if you need company, i’d be happy to give it go. i’ve never done it before and i also need to get my inner cardio bunny fighting fit.
    take care of that ankle. there may be other options…have you got a second opinion on it?

  2. Anna Post author

    I had 1 old opinion years ago, but it has gotten worse and have 2 opinions that are the same. Reckon I need a 4th?

    I’m hoping to do 2 laps again next week. Walk up the hills. Jog down.

  3. Jeremy samson

    I did it 3times yesterday to raise awareness for aspergers / autism – my company time2train is about training those with the condition like myself. Im hoping to one day do the steps 20 times.

    1. Anna Post author

      Nice work! I can imagine nothing worse than doing it 20 times…. sounds like a fun challenge and I think I will have to try it too! 😀


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