Easy Week

Always after a comp I like to take an easy week. Even though it was bench only and it didn’t exert much energy, I needed a mental break of rigid structure in my training.

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Heavy DL, Light Sq @ gym
  • 2 sets:
    • 2 Inchworm-push up-back extension-spiderman
    • 5 High windmill @ 16kg
    • 6 Eccentric single leg hip thrust
  • Deadlift: 3 x 5 @ 107.5kg
  • 3 sets:
    • 5 Squat @ 45kg
    • 10 Shoulder dislocations
    • 5 Shoulder round the world
  • Single leg deadlift: 2 x 8 @ 2x16kg

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Too hot

Friday: Heavy Sq, Light DL @ gym
  • 2 sets:
    • 1 Inchworm-push up-back extension-spider man
    • 5 Thoracic rotations
  • 2 sets:
    • 6 Leg lowers @ 2.25kg
    • 3 Turkish Get Up @ 12kg
  • Squat: 3 x 5 @ 80kg (easier than expected)
  • 3 sets:
    • 5 Deadlift @ 60kg
    • 10 Shoulder dislocations
    • 10 Band Shoulder external rotations
  • 3 sets:
    • 10, 10, 9 Neutral bar bench @ 40kg
    • 10 One arm row @ 45lb

Sat & Sun: Nothing 🙂

Total training: 2 hours
Nutrition: Definitive Diet with 2 treat days. Gave up coffee for a week as of Saturday.

My last coffee. Iced coffee on a hot day from First Pour. I asked for it black but it still tasted amazing.

My last coffee. Iced coffee on a hot day from First Pour. I asked for it black but it still tasted amazing.

My QL felt a bit tender for a few days after the deadlifts. It was the first time since my injury that I’ve lifted over 100kg and I hate to say my form was crap after a few reps.

Came across this interesting post yesterday: 3 Tips for Lifting while sorting through SI Joint Pain

It explains part of the reason for my injury in the first place. I know I have a weak anterior core so my back was doing a lot of the work. I also know my form was near perfect. It makes sense though, that if I keep my back in a rigid position for so long, for so much of my training, with no variation, then it gets stuck in this position and I get a stiff lumbar spine especially near the SI joint, which a few physios have commented on. All that tension… for years really… so it finally snapped.

So I need to include more multi-planar movements in my warm ups to ensure my back can move freely. TGUs are good for this (and again, I seem to have forgotten all about them til last Friday). Also Windmills. And the bodyweight warm ups I make my clients do. And the Russian hockey deadlift. Which I think has a stupid name, so I will call it something that makes sense when I do it.


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