2013 Goals

Looks like I’ve finished all comps for the year so although it’s only November, I’m excited to think about goals for next year and what I’d like to do.

So here goes:

Performance goals:
  • Squat 110kg
  • Bench 70kg
  • Deadlift 150kg
  • Run at least 2 trail races (any distance)
  • Get under 72kg for powerlifting
Keeping mentally sane goals:
  • One trail run/walk/bush bash a month
  • Complete at least 2 music tracks with the other half
  • Elite II Grade in powerlifting
  • 50km trail run
  • Buy a better house
  • Get under 70kg for kettlebell sport (yes, this is a BHAG because I just have to think about chocolate to gain fat, and I just have to look at a barbell to grow muscle)

If anyone wants to join me on any trail runs or training sessions in the gym/my garage, I’m always up for company 🙂 I’m the slowest runner on record, walk every single hill incline, and during weight training take up to 20 mins rest in between sets – so it’s all very casual.

Some people have said to me that I’m lucky to have things to strive towards, or that it’s easy for me to set goals etc. To be honest, it’s just habit. Throughout school my goals were always passing music exams. Then at uni it was passing more music exams and/or not being put down/yelled at by teachers (it was a tough-love uni). Then I took up exercise and at the end of each year I’d write down each race I wanted to do in my diary so I’d know in advance my racing calendar. At times I’d even arrange annual leave from work up to 6 months in advance to make sure nothing got in the way…. So the whole goal setting thing is kind of inbuilt into my mindset.

Do you have goals for next year?


2 thoughts on “2013 Goals

  1. Chocolate Chilli Mango®

    Good goals to have, Anna.
    I wish I had your “look at a barbell, muscle grows instantly” talent…I’d give anything for that!

    Also looking to set goals for 2013 over the next few weeks. 2012 was a bit of a downer on a few fronts so I’m hoping 13 is a much better year!

    if you ever need company for a workout, I’m usually up for it, although I’m pretty wussy LOL

  2. Anna Post author

    And I wish I had your “I can’t eat any more” talent! Ah well… There’s a con to every pro.

    I need to train around 1pm today if you’re free. Only squat and dead for me today… and core crap. Don’t worry, I’m more of a wuss than you. I tend to give up on any core work half way through it and usually reduce the number of sets/reps I had planned 😮


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