Week ending Nov 18

Monday: Light bench + Heavy Squat @ gym
  • 3 sets:
    • 5 Narrow grip bench @ 40kg
    • 10 Band pull aparts
    • 5 Band external rotations
  • Squat: 3 x 6 @ 60kg
  • 3 sets:
    • 4 4-step iso cable pallof walkout @ ’30’
    • 10 Reverse hyper @ 2.5kg
  • Lat pull down: 8 @ ’60’, ’80’, ‘100’, ’80’
Tuesday: KB Biathlon attempt
  • Jerk 10 mins @ 12kg, 14 RPM
    • Last 1.5 mins had poor lockout, so decided this video wasn’t worth submitting for rank. Therefore it also wasn’t worth following up with 10 min snatch set. Will not attempt again until after next powerlifting comp.
  • Snatch technique practice @ 8kg
Wednesday: Light deadlift
  • 2 sets:
    • 10 Slomo mountain climber
    • Max isometric leg lower
  • Deadlift: 3 x 6 @ 50kg
  • Single leg deadlift: 3 x 12 @ 2 x 16kg
Thursday: Heavy deadlift + Light squat @ gym
  • 2 sets:
    • 2 Inchworm to spiderman, holding stretch
    • 2 Lying T twist @ 3kg
  • Deadlift: 3 x 6 @ 80kg
  • Squat: 3 x 6 @ 40kg
Friday: Heavy Bench Day
  • Bench: 3 @ 57.5kg (PB. Failed 4th rep), 4 @ 55kg (failed 5th rep), 3 @ 55kg (failed 4th rep)
    • Should have done another set to make up for missed reps, but I screwed up my right scapula by practising flute for an hour beforehand, I was fatigued and hungry, so it wasn’t going to be good.
  • 2 sets:
    • 10 DB Bench @ 13.5kg
    • 10 DB Curls @ 7.5kg
  • 2 sets:
    • 10 Lying tricep extension @ 13.5kg
    • 10 DB Lateral raise @ 4kg

Saturday: Day Of Rest

Sunday: Nup

Total training: 3 hours
Nutrition: Definitive Diet, with one treat snack.

Good news: My back is doing AWESOME. Up until RIGHT NOW this very second, I found I had to exercise DAILY in order to keep it pain free. I think the amount of exercise I’ve been doing, plus the type of rehab exercise, has meant FINALLY I am able to take 2 days off in a row without pain 😀 Things are looking good.

At my last bench only comp, my PB was 55kg. I failed 57.5kg twice. This week I hit it for 3 reps! And I reckon I could’ve done more if I wasn’t hungry, tired, and if my scapula wasn’t more crooked than usual. Although a couple of decades of music playing has put it in the wrong spot, I have thought of a few exercises to work on correcting it. Haven’t started them, and even when I do, I don’t expect to fix it in a short time.

I have one more Heavy Bench Day before the comp next week. It is an easy session with only 2 sets of 2. At this point before the last comp I was concerned I wasn’t doing enough to maintain improvement. I think I will throw in some more assistance work other than what is on my program.

I was hoping to open with 60kg at the comp next weekend, but since I only got 57.5 for 3 reps, I am not so sure now. Will have to ask the coach on the day. But I would really really like to get 65kg on the day and that means opening with 60kg. Anyone care to comment on the matter? All opinions acknowledged, 99.9% discarded 😉


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