The Secret To Getting PBs In Training

I’ve discovered it! I’ve actually nailed it! That’s right. I know how to get a PB in training. This may seem obvious to runners who carb load, but since I never did, it is finally hitting me. After months and months of thorough scientific experiments conducted on myself, I have finally worked out how to get PBs in training. How to guarantee that my bench press will actually improve instead of sit at such a weakling girlie level. How to lift weights heavier than ever lifted before.

I know some of my clients read this, so it is probably completely irresponsible of me to share my secret. But I’m going to anyway.

The secret to getting a PB in training is to eat junk food.

The whole of 2012 so far has been one giant nutrition experiment on myself. I have done almost everything. Low carb, high carb, carb cycling, keto, intermittent fasting, treat meals, treat days, pig out meals, pig out days, carb nite, carb backloading… you name it, I’ve stuck to it like glue. I’ve monitored my results, and continue to do so on a weekly basis. That’s 10 whole months of spreadsheet and pen and paper training diaries.

Each week is analysed by diet and exercise, with a method of code only I could possibly understand.

Training Diary

Click to enlarge

And it is without doubt that eating junk food, specifically chocolate and muffins, results in personal bests.*

* Does not result in health, and does not get me any closer to the elusive weight class I’d rather compete in.


8 thoughts on “The Secret To Getting PBs In Training

  1. Anna Post author

    Good idea!! 😀

    PS: I forgot to mention that eating treats DURING training is important. Eg: 1 x muffin for breaky, and 1 x Chocolate in each rest in between sets. I have trialled this with normal unhealthy food vs Loving Earth’s Luvjus, and I hate to say it, but the junk food wins by a small margin. Must be the refined sugar.

    1. Anna Post author

      Yeah… also most sports types recommend getting energy from simple sugars, which really goes against my protocol. I have always preferred caffeine and protein for strength stuff. I might try something different this time, although I know I will smash it regardless 😉

  2. Anna Post author

    I had a jelly bean once during a race. All that sugar made me feel dehydrated! So I’m just not into it. For simple sugars I’d rather a juice or homemade cordial.


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