Updated training program

It’s been quite a while since I did my back. Over the weekend I checked my notes from the physio and he said if I was able to deadlift 4 x 15 @ 60kg by this week then he’d be happy. Well, I stopped doing 15 reps and dropped it to 12. I also dropped it to 3 sets. Not due to any back issues. I just find it really boring counting sets and reps! So… it’s this week, and there have been no issues! So although I can still feel my QL at times, it’s on the right track. My core is getting stronger. I’m training  properly with good warm ups. I’m not rushing through my sessions. And I make time to stretch afterwards – usually 10-15 minutes.

Got in contact with my PL coach and he’s given me an idea to work on. Today I entered the numbers that I’ll be lifting over the next 7 weeks and I’m looking forward to deadlifting and squatting real weights again 🙂

This week I was due to deadlift 60kg for a million reps, so I decided to video my technique to see how it is.

I feel no back pain/tightness/twinge or anything at all that I shouldn’t. I can see on the last 3 or so reps, my arch is not as good. It’s hard not to lose focus when you’ve already done a million reps. I am starting to get that nauseous feeling that some of my clients complain of. It’s when we brace our abs hard – as we should – but when we do it for many reps it makes us feel sick!

I also thought since I’ll get back to squatting too, I better lead into next week with some light squats. I decided to video to see how I am.

Although they felt good, I can see I need to brace my abs even more in these to avoid the ‘buttwink’. That’s doable. I’d also like to sit back a bit more – this will also help with the tarsal tunnel, which flares up a bit even when wearing lifting shoes.

Now my training has even more purpose. I’m focusing on the bench press only comp in November. Then I’ll do a full powerlifting comp in February. Some time between now and the end of the year I plan to get Rank 3 in (KB) biathlon. Then I can compete in Mar/Apr aiming to get Rank 2 then.

Since I am continuing to add a ton of rehab – which is really proper warming up and proper stretching – my training sessions are going to take even longer. I like this though. I just need to be more organised in terms of training at particular times so I don’t end up having to rush things.

I may as well spill my long term goals here while I’m at it:

  1. Get an elite total in powerlifting
  2. Get back into ultra running
  3. Improve lower back flexibility, so I can…
  4. Get into Olympic lifting

What are your goals?


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