Week ending Sep 16

This was a mixed bag type of training week. I had to squeeze in my last official heavy bench session and then taper. But I lost confidence and suddenly felt I needed to continue high volume bench training, so threw in an intense session the day after before allowing a few days recovery before the comp.

Monday – Last Heavy Bench Day
  • Bench: 2 x 2 with pause @ 51kg. Easy 🙂
Tuesday – May As Well Throw In Some Crazy Stuff Day
  • 2 sets:
    • 3 Square dances
    • 10 Dislocations
  • 3 sets:
    • 8 Narrow grip DB bench @ 15kg
    • 5 Single leg squats @ 7.5kg
  • 3 sets:
    • 5 BB Jerk @ 36kg
    • 8 One arm row @ 25kg
  • 3 sets:
    • 8 One arm TRX push up
    • Farmers walk @ 2 x 30kg
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of Clean-Squat-Press @ 2 x 16kg KB
Wednesday – Everything hurts
  • 3km recovery run with a set of pull ups in the park
Thursday – Everything still hurts
  • 30 mins various metabolic stuff

Friday – No thanks

Saturday – Better rest for tomorrow

Sunday – Bench only comp

Total training: 3 hours
Nutrition: Renegade Diet


2 thoughts on “Week ending Sep 16

  1. Chocolate Chilli Mango®

    omg 16kg dbles for clean squat press :-O
    that puts our fitness testing into glaring perspective lol

    hey, wanted to ask you about the renegade diet.
    I’m finding that generally, this IFing thing actually suits my stomach and I find I can eat quite a bit after 1pm and in the evening, especially on big training days where I usually train late.
    I’ve been off it this week because I’ve been feeling a bit sick with my gut so sticking to smaller meals so i don’t feel sick. But should be fine in a day or two so back to it. Suits me to have my carbs at night too … sleep much better and I don’t feel bloated and horrible during the day. WIN.
    I’ve read about Ferruggia’s version and wondered if it were worth getting his book?
    Worth the $$??

  2. Anna Post author

    Didn’t you look at the rep scheme?? – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Hardly 1-10+ with your death race!

    I’ll tell you Ferruggia’s version: Break fast at 14-16 hours with a small meal – greens & protein. Then continue to eat lightly until 18-20 hours. Then eat lots in the order of greens, protein, carbs, treat food if you like. I usually have 1-3 treats per week. And one day that is not IF’ed, and occasionally one day that is written off – this is more because sometimes my training makes me so hungry that I am not prepared with enough of the healthy stuff. I like it because I have so much more energy than the 16/8 fast/stuff yourself with anything version. And the whole eating greens thing – it’s quite surprising how little I was eating before! And I also now see how little greens some of my clients eat, so I’ve been incorporating that aspect into others’ diets now (not IF, just eat greens!)

    tbh not sure you need the book. It’s IF + carb backloading. Eat more carbs to gain weight, eat less to lose.


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