Bench Only Comp – 16 Sep 2012

Since I haven’t been able to deadlift or squat much, I had to enter the bench only section of today’s powerlifting comp. I am always under the impression that the people who do bench only are super strong at benching. This is my weakest lift so although I was confident I’d get a PB, I knew it would be unimpressive.

Usually your opener should be something conservative you know you can lift to avoid bombing out. For me this would be 52.5kg – my last PB. I knew that would be very easy, and I knew I had a good shot at 55kg. So I thought what the hell, and opened with 55kg. That way, I had a chance at getting 57.5 and 60 – which would make me very happy.

I weighed in early and was about 500g lighter than the previous comp. This is pretty good for someone who doesn’t lose weight, plus I had already eaten breakfast. So with a ton of dedication, I could possibly be another 1.85kg down next time and finally move down to the next weight class!

I was feeling kinda relaxed, and not particularly fired up, so I walked up to Glenferrie Rd to get a coffee. They warned me a large long black had 4 shots, so I asked for only 3 shots πŸ˜‰ After a relaxing sit down in the warm up room drinking coffee, I managed to wake up and gather some nervous energy.

I opened with 55kg. It was a new PB that felt easy. Too easy. Other people’s weights always feel lighter than mine.

I think I was too relaxed on my 2nd attempt, which was 57.5kg. I didn’t set up right and my form was shoddy, although you can’t see it in the vid. So I failed.

This meant my 3rd attempt was also 57.5kg. I thought I had it in me. I took my time to set up well. I thought my back was pretty tight, it was arched more than usual, and I had plenty of drive in the legs. But, no. Didn’t make it.

I’m very happy that my bench only training has been working. I think I’ll have to keep it up this way, even when I can enter the full comp later, as it’s my weakest link, and if I hadn’t been doing high volume bench training, I may not have made any improvement at all. At some point, I also need to make an effort to show up to the club for training.


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