Ultra Spirit Run

The Ultra Spirit Run was on this past Saturday. 100% of the race entry fee goes directly to Kate & Turia, who now have years of medical bills, rehab, surgery and more as a result of being burnt in a race that should not have gone ahead last year. Details are on the site and all over the media if you Google it.

I got there early with ChocChilliMango and we collected our race bibs and had a coffee while waiting to start. Just before starting, I spotted Turia amongst the crowd! I was very surprised, happy and excited for her that she could come out here and join in đŸ™‚

The route was 2 laps of the Tan track – one for each of the girls. It was a pretty cold morning, but not raining, so I was happy with that. Neither me nor CMM have done much (any?) running over the past 12 months so 7.6km was going to be a bit of an ask. We took a few walk breaks so CCM did not die of asthma, which meant our actual running pace was surprisingly not bad. We finished in 50:18 – so pretty much exactly where I expected.

I didn’t feel the need to stretch afterwards, so that meant my right achilles was screaming at me later in the day and my FHL was click click clicking even more so than usual and I could see the tendons click and move in my ankle. Now my hamstrings remind me that they do get used while running.

It was great to do a small friendly run again. I think I might get back into the Sri Chinmoy races again, even if I don’t bother training for them.

By the way, if you’d like to donate to Kate & Turia, you can do so at any time here.


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