WKC Australian Nationals 25th Aug 2012

This past Saturday was the WKC Aus Nationals, held at Iron Edge. I decided to enter the biathlon at 10kg. Basically, I can’t snatch very well, so I thought it was about time I worked on it. I could not be bothered ranking beforehand so I could attempt a heavier weight, so I decided to train like a sensible person and simply try to get the lowest rank this time.

I felt very calm during the event, except for the 2 minutes before starting each set where I was very nervous and nauseous!

First up was jerks. I have been training strictly at 14 reps per minute so I knew exactly what pace I needed to be on the day. They only thing I had not done was train with a 10kg KB because I don’t have one! So I would do sets with both the 8kg and 12kg, and this worked out really well.

The jerks went pretty well, although I did slow down a bit towards the end. 70 reps per hand is the minimum required for Rank 4. I got 71 in the left hand and had to speed up to get 70 in the right. I was aiming for an extra 1 or 2 to allow for a no-count, especially when I send my vids in to WKC for official ranking.

I really didn’t feel tired at all afterwards. My heart rate was a up a bit, but I wasn’t out of breath and didn’t break a sweat. There was some minor fatigue in my delts, but really nothing worth noting. As usual, I did have some problems locking out my arms overhead at times. I am getting better at it, but I just lack the flexibility

I had a couple of hours break before snatches so I had a small snack.

Snatches went really well. They actually felt quite comfortable. Although I can see my body still twisting a bit on the release, I am getting it right more often. I got 73 reps in the left and 71 in the right hand so I was pretty happy with that. My pace felt good and comfortable throughout. Again, my heart rate was increased a little bit, but I didn’t break a sweat.

It felt really good to do a comp that I had confidence in and was not in over my head! I guess this is how normal people train.

I came 2nd!

It was great to see some really good lifting technique. Everyone had improved since the last comp. Although I still saw judges counting what I would consider no counts, the standard had definitely gone up since last time, so it will be good to see how much more it improves for the next one… in December!

So I have 4 months to decide what to do next and train for it. I am considering training hard and properly for Rank 2 in long cycle – that’s clean & jerk @ 18kg. OR train sensibly, get rank 3 in biathlon (12kg) and compete to aim for rank 2 in biathlon (14kg).  hmm actually now I have written that, it does make sense to do biathlon. It kind of depends if WKC gives me Rank 4 for this comp first.

One thing I have learnt is that your technique must be 100% perfect. Kettlebell Sport is like gymnastics with weights. There is no room for error or slight imperfection. So I can see from my vids I am not 100% perfect in my lockouts and I can’t be guaranteed ranking.


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