Week ending Aug 26

This past week I took it easy with rehab, light bench, and light kettlebells in prep for the KB comp. Unfortunately I didn’t get my heavy bench day in. Friday wouldn’t’ve worked because the comp was on Sat and I didn’t want DOMS. Sunday wouldn’t’ve worked because I was busy/working/training etc 9-5 so would not have had the energy to get my heavy reps in. So I’ll def get it in early this week.

Monday – Rehab + fun stuff
  • 3 sets:
    • 10 OA swing @ 16kg
    • 4 Inchworm
    • 3 Squats @ 16kg
  • 4 sets:
    • 40 sec Left clean-squat-press @ 16kg
    • 40 sec Right clean-squat-press @ 16kg
    • 20 sec rest
Tuesday – Rehab + Light bench + Light but Long KB
  • 3 sets:
    • 30 sec Isometric glute holds
    • 10 Renegade row @ 10kg
    • 6 Narrow grip bench @ 37.5kg
  • KB Jerk – 12 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM
  • KB Snatch – 12 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM
Wednesday – Rehab
  • 3 sets:
    • 10 Lying T twists
    • 10 Slomo mountain climbers

Thur – Sloth Day

Fri – Don’t-Do-Anything-In-Case-I-Hurt-Myself-Before-Tomorrow Day

Sat – KB Comp

Sun – Ugh too busy

Total hours: 1hr 50min

Nutrition: Still renegade diet. 2 treats this week.

Now I am only focused on the bench press comp in Sept. That is only 2 days training per week. I will take a short break from KB training before getting back into it for the next comp. I also need to do more trail running or bush bashing type things to test out some new gear I’ve bought and check I still have endurance of some sort. I’m booked in to the physio next week so I can see if I’m allowed to deadlift yet. And I’m starting to do some squats every now and then. So basically it’s a mish mash of training from now. This is good, as I’ll have time to faff around a bit with some fun stuff 🙂


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