Week ending Aug 19

It’s been a pretty good week in terms of training. I’ve got into a routine with the whole crazy busy work situation, and have been able to relax a bit. Of course, now I have relaxed after a period of stress, I have a minor cold.

Monday – KB1
  • Jerk 12 min @ 8kg, 14 RPM (tough but good)
  • Jerk 2 min @ 12kg, 14 RPM (easy)
Tuesday – Easy Bench Day
  • Narrow grip bench 3 x 6 @ 37kg
Wednesday – Lazy Day
  • Foam roll & tennis ball massage on QL
Thursday – KB2
  • Rehab superset. 2 rounds:
    • 3 Square dances
    • 10 Thoracic rotations
    • 10 Renegade rows @ 10kg
  • Snatch 12 min @ 8kg, 14 RPM (easy)
  • Snatch 2 min @ 12kg, 14 RPM
Friday – Trail run
  • Didn’t quite go as planned. Post and vids here. Turned out to be good training for upcoming rogaine/search & rescue training.
Saturday – Heavy Bench Day
  • Rehab superset. 2 rounds:
    • Glute activation
    • 10 Thoracic rotations
    • 15 Single leg glute bridges
  • Bench 2 x 6 @ 46kg, 4 @ 46kg (failed 5th rep), 6 @ 43.5kg
  • OA DB Bench 3 x 8 Left, 7 Right @ 15kg
  • Lateral raises 3 x 8 @ 7.5kg
  • Lying tricep ext 3 x 8 @ 20kg
Sunday – Fun Stuff
  • Rehab superset. 2 rounds:
    • 10 Dislocations
    • 3 Square dances
  • Squat (all superset with 15 band pull-aparts) 6 @ 20, 6 @ 40, 6 @50, 6 @60, 3 x 6 @ 70

Total 5 hours.

Nutrition: Still renegade diet. Still got heaps of energy. In fact, Saturday’s heavy bench was a PB for reps – pretty good for being sick! Had a treat on Saturday which probably helped 🙂 (not unhealthy, just lots of them) I have to say, it’s slightly embarrassing when a client sees you browsing the chocolate section of the supermarket! They were healthy chocolates, I swear! 😮

It feels good to be moving daily. My back has been feeling great every day except Wednesday. Probably because the light bench day on Tues did not include any rehab so that night I kept getting referred pain in my glute, so I couldn’t sleep, and then I realised on Wed I had better do something about it, hence the foam rolling.

Kettlebell comp is next weekend. Feeling confident 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week ending Aug 19

  1. Chocolate Chilli Mango®

    LOL it was your big chance to exclaim the wonders of all those antioxidants and heart healthy flavanoids … 🙂

    looking good for comp!
    I need to ask you about that adjustable KB on tuesday…that bolt for weights is screwed on so tight I had no chance with the spanner/wrench 😦
    It’s currently a 32kg …which is great but doesn’t help when I want a 20kg !

  2. Anna Post author

    oh yeah… maca, camu, acai berry etc. That must have been it… btw it was Sonya who spied me with a handful of chocolates at Leos! I can easily spend 15 mins in their choc section while I send hubby up the aisles to do our proper shopping. Also got a Willie’s lime & ginger there 🙂

    hmmm I found my bolt was super tight because it was super annoying, not just tight. A bit of WD40 helped. Then I cleaned the whole screw area to make it smoother.


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