Trail Run Attempt

I had most of today free, and instead of catching up on paperwork, I wanted to get a good trail run in. I really felt like some steep hills, and finishing with the Channel 10 track on Mt D sounded perfect.

I photocopied the relevant pages from the Melways and had a rough idea of where I wanted to go.

I started near the Channel 10 towers and head down towards the plane crash memorial. According to the map, if I just continued past the crash site, the trail would intersect with another trail.

After a while, the trail looked like this:

Soon enough this animal track disappeared, but there was no way I was going to walk back up the near vertical hill I had been descending so I just figured if I kept going in the right direction, I’d meet up with this other trail.

The grassy rocky slope soon turned into a shrubby slope. The scrub was very thick. It was taller than me. The branches were long. Some were scratchy. There was the odd bit of sword grass. I felt like I was swimming through trees. I completely understand why Bush Search and Rescue will not let you do searches in shorts. It was quite ouchies at times!

Every now and then it would clear up a bit, but it never lasted long, and it was back into the thick scrub. I never contemplated turning back because the thought of walking back up was too much. It was taking ages to get to this trail that was somewhere in front of me.

Finally, in the distance, I spotted a well formed trail.

I was pretty over the scrub so it was a relief to get back to a trail. But not just any trail, the Channel 10 track that I wanted to finish my adventure with.

I was a bit disappointed, as the hill wasn’t as steep as I remembered. I will have to go a different way next time and see if it feels steeper then.

I think you are supposed to look out here and admire the view of industrial land below, but it was a bit rainy and cloudy.

I only did a bit over 3km – not quite the 12-15k I had in mind. And after an hour of bush bashing, I only ran a total of 1km. Although this wasn’t quite the trail run I had in mind, it’s good training for the rogaine coming up soon, which I have to do as part of bush search and rescue training. I wore my Inov-8 X-Talon 190s and these were absolutely perfect 🙂

2 thoughts on “Trail Run Attempt

  1. Greg

    Hey, I know that area quite well! Oh dear though regarding the bush bash. I guess it’s all part of character building? Maybe? Maybe not?!

    1. Anna Post author

      I’m happy with character building. I think my mistake was deciding to follow a map. Next til I’ll wander around without one & probably do much better.


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