Week ending August 12

I’m surprised I managed to get all my important training and more done this week, although not so much rehab, but a good mix of stuff. I broke my caffeine fast on Friday, hence the run on the track. Still only have had the one espresso shot though. I’ve also implemented some nutritional changes, which are surprisingly easy to follow and I have so much energy. With the amount of energy I have, I don’t think I could handle any more caffeine!

Monday – KB1 + Rehab
  • Lungey things superset with single leg glute bridges
  • Jerk 7 mins @ 12kg, 14RPM
  • Jerk 8 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM
Tuesday – Light Bench
  • Narrow grip bench 3 x 6 @ 36kg

Wednesday – CBF Day

Thursday – KB2 + Rehab
  • Glute activation superset with thoracic rotations
  • Snatch 7 mins @ 12kg, 14 RPM
  • Snatch 8 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM
Friday – Drank coffee, had clients later on so no time for a trail run, inspired by the Olympics and Bolt’s win earlier in the day so hit the track.
  • Foam roll
  • 4 x 400m flat out with 200m walk/stumble recovery
  • Total 4.5km in 38:40 incl 1km(ish) warm up/cool down to track & back. Fastest pace 3:59min/km – probably held for only 3 seconds
  • First run in 2 months – Hamstrings and obliques sore the next day!
Saturday – Heavy Bench Day
  • Bench 3 x 6 @ 44.5kg
  • OA DB Bench 3 x 7(left) and 6 (right) @ 15kg
  • Lateral raises 3 x 8 @ 7.5kg
  • Lying tricep ext 3 x 8 @ 18kg
Sunday – Rehab & Fun Stuff
  • 2 sets:
    • 10 Lungey things
    • 10 Thoracic rotations
    • 10 Slomo mountain climbers
    • 3 Square dances
    • 10 Dislocations
  • Squat 5 @ 20kg, 5 @ 40kg (warm up)
  • 3 rounds:
    • 5 Squats @ 60kg
    • 8 Push ups
    • 20m Overhead carry @ 15kg
  • Foam roll & roll around on tennis ball for back rehab while being attacked by the cat.

Total training time: 4hrs 30mins

Nutrition: Following Renegade Diet as of Monday. This is like a combo of Leangains IF, Warrior Diet and Carb Backloading. I have SO MUCH energy eating like this. This is the first IF protocol I have been able to intentionally follow where I don’t feel tired. The lack of caffeine could also be playing a part.

Since Friday I’ve also included Acetyl L-Carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and fish oil. This combo keeps me awake at night, even when taken first thing in the morning! It’s kind of like having a coffee, but without the jitteriness and scramble brain. I have got so many business ideas running through my head, blog posts planned, Android apps in the works and workshop ideas. This is INSANE! Too much stuff going on in my head! All good stuff, but TOO MUCH of it! I could probably get by skipping a few nights of sleep …So I will probably half the dosage soon.

My name is Bobo. My hobbies are eating, throwing poo around, attacking bare skin and curling up to sleep like nothing happened.

Will have to get back into trail running, not just for my sanity, but because of a 12 hour rogaine coming up 🙂 If any orienteering/adventure racer types have any tips, let me know! I’m considering getting some O-gaiters, since my big bushwalking gaiters kept falling down when I ran in them in the last rogaine. Do O-gaiters give plenty of protection? Will they fit over my huuuuuge calves?


2 thoughts on “Week ending August 12

  1. Viviane Buzzi

    lol … rehab with cat in room is a pointless exercise 😛

    glad to see you are doing so much better.

    I’m changing my diet from tomorrow and going back to having most of my carbs at night. tried spreading them out to get more in but I just feel bloated. another pointless exercise LOL

    also looking to try some creatine…PW has 10% off the really good Creapure stuff. Might try it.

    1. Anna Post author

      Yep, I think carbs at night are the way to go. Helps you sleep better too, if you get the carb coma thing going on. I will try creatine after my next PL comp. You can retain water on it, so I don’t want the scales to hate me even more right now.


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