Week ending July 29

Work has been INSANE this past week so I only managed to train 4 times. There have been a few 14 hour days and didn’t even have time for breaky or lunch. Hopefully I will get into some sort of rhythm soon.

Monday – Insane-ness

Tuesday – KB1 & Light Bench Day
  • Glute isometric holds.
  • 3 x 6 Narrow grip bench @ 35kg superset with 3 x 10 glute stuff.
  • Thoracic mobility superset with some contralateral lunge/core stuff.
  • (KB) Jerk – 6 mins @ 12kg, 14RPM, one hand change (right arm doesn’t lock out too well).
  • Jerk – 6 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM, one hand change (easy).

Wednesday – Another 14 hour day

Thursday – 20 mins various metabolic stuff in yet another 14 hour day

Friday – KB2 + Rehab
  • Glute isometric holds.
  • Snatch – 7 mins @ 12kg, 14RPM, one hand change (fatiguing & unco – see vid below).
  • Glute stuff.
  • Snatch – 7 mins @ 8kg, 14 RPM, one hand change (not fatiguing, but still slightly unco).
  • Thoracic mobility.
Saturday – Heavy bench day (at Al’s place – I think his weights are lighter than mine because I seriously doubt I can lift as much as I did before I needed assistance)
  • Glute stuff & shoulder dislocations.
  • Bench – 10 @ 40kg (too easy), 8 @ 45kg, 5 @ 47.5kg
  • Forced reps bench – 3 @ 50kg (too easy, not forced), 2 x 3 @ 52.5kg, 3 @ 50kg.
  • DB bench – 4 @ 17ish, 8 @ 12.5ish, 7 @ 12.5ish
  • Lateral raise – 3 x 6 @ 7.5ish
  • Lying tricep ext – 3 x 6 @ 15ish
  • Thoracic mobility.

Sunday – Laziness & paperwork so that next week is as streamlined as possible.

Total: 4 hours.

Nutrition: Stopped carb cycling and switched to one treat day per week. Will most likely give that up soon.

Disappointed I didn’t have the time to spend 3 x 50-60 minute sessions on rehab, but I have been incorporating it into my other work. If all I can manage is 2 bench sessions and 2 kettlebell sessions (one of those combined) then I will just slip my rehab work in my warm ups, as supersets and in my cool downs. Also feeling a bit antsy that I haven’t been able to hit the trails in a few weeks. This Friday I am free and there is NO WAY I am letting anything stop me running some trails.

Friday’s snatch fest:

  • Hard to lock out lazy right arm at times
  • Need to keep watching bell to make sure it tracks vertically
  • Instead of twisting body, need to lean back to let the bell fall

2 thoughts on “Week ending July 29

  1. Viviane

    wow, I hope the work stuff settles into a good routine soon.
    egads lying tricep extensions with 15kg!!!!!!!!!!! my brain just exploded 😛

    1. Anna Post author

      Really? I have only ever done tricep ext’s for my powerlifting program as told to by the coach (as in, this year only), as I would usually consider them something reserved for body builders only. I have no idea what weight normal people use for those.


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