I’ve been to the physio twice now and I either have “minor disc irritation” or a “minor ligament tear” around L4-L5 where the right QL is. I’m off heavy stuff for 6 weeks and have a rehab program to go on with. I have been told (again) that my back is very inflexible.

I did my first rehab session today. It took 55 minutes and I didn’t even do as many sets of everything as I was supposed to! Here I was thinking it might be only 10 minute sessions and I could hammer them out several times a day. I am only supposed to do them 3 x per week as they are a whole workout in themselves. Some of it is even like cardio, which is a quite a shock when I’ve only been doing powerlifting training this year.

All of my rehab exercises are ‘prehab’ exercises I get my clients to do in their warm ups. Things like X band walks, isometric glute activation, TGUs, T push ups etc. They don’t screw themselves up in the same way I do. Obviously they do the right stuff, and I don’t.

Fortunately I am allowed to bench press. I’m not really supposed to do it with an arched back, but I kind of pushed the point and the physio said it will probably be ok. I am allowed to squat too, although the QL feels tight when I do and I’m not ready to push it. Deadlifting will have to wait a while.


2 thoughts on “Rehab

  1. Viviane

    definitely work out a cool program for thursday that you can join in too. Anything rehabby for you is going to do me and anyone else who shows up some good too.

    can you do pullups/chins etc? ie instead of deadlifting for the back, or too much strain?

    and yay for the cardio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anna Post author

      Yes, pull ups are encouraged! I find the dead hang position a little irritating at this point though, so I will do them all assisted for a while. I’m still slapping myself that ALL these exercises are things I get EVERYONE ELSE to do.


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