Guess My Diagnosis

I can’t get to the physio until Friday so for fun I’m going to take a guess at my diagnosis and rehab.

When the muscle went pop, it felt like it was the right quadratus lumborum. When I went to walk, I felt it in my glute medius. For this reason, I’ve been referring to it as a pulled glute. My glutes are functioning fine though – most pain is now triggered by flexing my lower spine and sitting down for too long. Walking actually helps – probably due to increased blood flow with no pressure.

I think my glute is ok. The trigger points for the QL are in the glute medius, so I think I have mostly been feeling referred pain there. Sometimes the pain would radiate down my ITB, but now it is mostly isolated to my QL.

The night before this incident, I found it hard to sleep on one side, because my right glute was being pulled into a stretch, and it kind of felt asleep. Numb. Dead. Uncomfortable. I get this sometimes. On reflection, I think it’s related to a tight QL. I always thought it was because I have weak glutes, so over recent weeks, I have been focusing on finishing my squats and deadlifts with super strong glutes. I was even focusing on this last Saturday. On reflection, I don’t think I have particularly weak glutes.

A few years ago, the most awesome physio in the world said I had a very tight lower back. After some quick prodding around there, he completely cured my right achilles problems, for a few weeks at least. I still do have a tight lower back. So tight, that it will take me a couple of years of flexibility training before I can move on to olympic weightlifting as a sport.

I am only ever injured on the right side. I’m guessing my tight right QL triggered my long term achilles issue. Because I continued to run ultras without proper rehab, it developed into tarsal tunnel syndrome. After years of not doing enough lower back flexibility, it finally had enough.

My guess is a grade 1 tear of the quadratus lumborum. I should probably do some light strengthening work. Once it’s healed a bit I’m going to guess continue with the strengthening, then add some massage with a tennis ball and hammer my flexibility. I hope to be back training in 2 weeks.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever pay to see a physio. We’ll see if I’m right on Friday.


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