Nothing to see here…

I’ve decided to blog a bit more frequently. Usually I wait for something interesting to happen, but since interesting things don’t happen that often, I’m just going to babble on about my training a bit more than usual.

After the powerlifting comp, I planned to take a week off heavy training. It ended up being a full 7 days off training altogether.

excuses, excuses….

I hoped to get back into it this week, except my coach hasn’t emailed me my new programme yet, and I couldn’t go into training this week as I was working later than usual. If I had a plan, I would do it. I can’t write my own plans because I usually include everything I suck at and everything I hate and then I just don’t do it. I’m also naturally very lazy…

…and we have a new cat. He doesn’t have full run of the house yet, and we haven’t let him outside yet either… He’s so naughty, but too cute not to play with — So even though when I’m not at home I think of all these exercises I should be doing when I get home, like fun stuff I haven’t done in ages, exploring some new trails, and even writing down in my diary stuff like 7:30am – Hill run — I haven’t been able to bring myself to train outside or in the spare room that he’s not allowed in!

Naughty Bobo

Bobo – very naughty, but he knows he’s too cute to tell off!

I’ve only done 3 training sessions this week. All good stuff. And all stuff that has made me very sore, including my own bootcamp!

Fortunately I have next Monday night free! This means I can get to training early. And arriving early means finishing early! AND I’m betting my new training cycle will start off nice and light so I won’t have to show up to training for a while after that 😉

err… so… Cat just emptied some sand out onto a coffee table. He was too cute to tell off, so I gave him a cuddle and now I have to clean it up…


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