Powerlifting Comp 10 June 2012

Yesterday was my second powerlifting comp. My goals were to lose 2kg and make B Grade by doing 97.5+kg squat, 50kg bench and 125kg deadlift.

Well, I didn’t lose the 2kg so didn’t get a chance at B Grade, but I did ok in my lifts.

I felt so sick driving in to the venue and right up until the squat sets were over. The squat is not my worst lift, but I do struggle hitting depth. And I have a fear of squatting with metal plates, because I like my own bumper plates that I can drop with no worry. I know there are lots of spotters, and I have used them plenty of times in training, but the squat is a lift that terrifies me.

I got 97.5kg, which was expected. I was secretly hoping for 100kg, and I probably could have done it, but I did what I was told, which was based on my poor performance last week.

I felt blasé about the bench, since I knew I’d get 50. I managed to get 52.5kg which was quite a surprise. I really haven’t been improving at all and honestly only expected to match my previous best of 50 so I was pretty happy with that.

Around this time I started to get sleepy because I hadn’t eaten yet. The only food available for lifters is much the same as at running events – jelly beans and cakes. So I sent A out to get me some food to give me some energy for the deadlift.

When the deadlift rolled around, I was surprised at how easy 120 was. Suddenly I got nervous again and panicked about 127.5. That 7.5kg is quite a big jump and I was not expecting this at all. It wasn’t too bad. The coach originally told me to go to 132.5 after that, but another coach convinced me to get 130 in as a definite. I freaked and thought I couldn’t do over 130 so just did that. Although it was a bit of a grind, I was very pleased with my form and probably could have done more. In fact, my back was getting sore from sitting around all day, and these deadlifts fixed me right up.

All lifts got all green lights so that was another thing I was happy about.


So the next comp is in September. That’s 3 months to get my nutrition into gear so that I can lift in the lighter weight class. I may have won it this time if I was in that class so I really need to get onto this, and not just in a last minute water-loading rush. I have a plan. I just need to stick to it and stop eating so much of my homemade healthy chocolate 🙂


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