The Week Before The Comp

So I have now done all my heavy lifting before the comp this weekend. I feel I have failed craptacularly.

Last of the heavy stuff:

  • 2 x 2 deadlift @ 117.5kg – Hitched first rep but managed to correct for the rest. Confident I’ll hit 120 on the day.
  • 2 x 2 bench with pause @ 47.5kg – Annoyed as I should have hit 50, but I could not even do 1 rep at 50, even though I have done it before.
  • 2 x 2 squat – Hit 2 reps @ 95kg but apparently they were not deep enough. Failed 2nd set so dropped to 82.5kg for 2 reps which was easy.

Last weekend I did some strongman training. By some, I mean 4 hours. I finally flipped that 220kg tyre, did some lightish farmers walks (50kg?), managed a short yoke walk (135kg), did a bunch of Conan’s carries (55kg), a bunch of log clean and jerks (40kg) and some 40kg sandbang shouldering. Chased that down with some arm over arm rope pulls, sled drags, sledge hammers and jumps. I think I have not recovered from this yet so hopefully that explains my terrible squats last night.

The comp is this weekend…. so kinda concerned about my terrible lifts, but at the same time I do plan on resting up so maybe I’ll hit the numbers I want.

I’ll take bets. What numbers do you think I’ll get this weekend? 😉


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