To The Top Of Mt Wellington

I was in Hobart over Easter so on Friday I did the obligatory trip up the mountain.

We started at The Springs and head up the Ice House Tk to the top…

Rocky track

It flattened out a bit…

… then we went down via the Zig Zag Tk.

Straight down

It wasn’t as windy up the top as I expected, and it was actually pretty warm in the sun.

Link to walk is here.

It was surprisingly not as steep as I thought it would be, although the next day my calves told me otherwise. It was also pretty short. I wonder how far down a mountain you are supposed to start if you want to claim you walked up a mountain? And if you start at the bottom, where exactly is that defined?

I wore my Inov-8 195s. These are really comfy light-weight sneakers with good grip. I also had on Inov-8s little gaiters to stop rocks and sticks getting in. They were perfect.


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