Two Bays Trail Snippet

I wanted to head out on Friday for some trail action, but was a bit too disorganised. Lucky it was a long weekend this weekend so we were going to Mornington anyway. I had a look at my trusty guide book to select a walk.

Kangroo on Two Bays Trail

The walk officially starts at the start of the Two Bays Trail, but I figured A wouldn’t appreciate the first 3km uphill. I’ve done it once before and didn’t need to do it again so we started at Seawinds Gardens. This is a surprisingly nice large gardens area with a couple of great lookouts and some William Ricketts sculptures. From there we hopped on to Two Bays. I have done the full track once before, but this was nice, although kinda odd, to go at walking pace.


As I remembered, the trail is perfectly undulating. We came across quite a few kangaroos and a bazillion birds.


Biggest Fly Ever

Biggest Fly Ever

We headed for a few km down to Kings Falls. I didn’t know there were any waterfalls down this way. We got there, and although nice, were nothing particularly notable. What was notable though, was the biggest fly ever! It was at least an inch in diameter. The picture is blurry because my phone camera sucks but it was pretty freaky.

We don’t like out-and-back routes, so after retracing our steps for a bit, we hopped on some back roads and discovered the biggest locust-y thing ever!

Biggest Locusty Thing Ever

Biggest Locust-y Thing Ever

After a while, we were sposed to hop over a stile and get on a fire trail back into the bush. Instead of a stile, there was a locked gate that we had to climb over. We weren’t 100% sure that was correct, but it was located in the right spot on the map. It was amazing here. Suddenly there were thousands of butterflies everywhere! It was incredible! We have never seen so many. They looked like millions of pieces of glitter dancing amongst the bracken and the gum trees. I wished we brought our good video camera for this.

We were pretty close to the start now, and came across a bunch of people walking towards us. You know when people are looking at their map, then looking at you, that they are pretty lost.

They asked if they were going the right way to the Falls. I said yes, but there’s no stile ahead, so you have to climb the gate, or they could probably just stick to the firetrail and it’d probably end up on the Two Bays. Then I checked their map, and they just had a Melways version of it! One of them thought they were on the Two Bays Trail, another thought they were on a road, and I had to explain they were nowhere marked on their map. So I explained it all again and sent them on their way. I still think they were confused though as they didn’t look the type to just climb over fences and fudge their way to where they want to go. When we made it back to the start, we realised they probably never even got onto the trail they wanted in the first place. Oh dear.

Anyway, the whole thing took us about 2 hours. I reckon it was under 6km. We stopped many times to say hello to kangaroos and giant bugs. It’s a very pleasant easy trail. Hopefully I can do the Two Bays race again next year.


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