Cram Training

While getting acupuncture treatments every 5 days I have been also getting some cram training done for the GOW. My ankle is feeling much better and there are times I can even run properly. The acupuncturist says I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. Makes sense. I think I will have just one more session as the pain is so unbearable, it would be more comfortable to tattoo my whole body than get another needle or massage in my ankle.

On Friday I did my last long run before the big day. I did a loop through the Tanglefoot Track in Toolangi Forest to the top of Mt St Leonard and return along Quarry Track. It was only 21km but took 3 hours 45 mins. I took 3 phone calls on the go, walked up the steep hills, and did not press pause on my watch when I stopped to see a lyrebird or flick off leeches, so hopefully my time is not too bad considering all that.

I packed my small Nathan Intensity pack with all my gear for GOW. It was just about bursting at the seams, but I am so glad I can just fit everything in. My headlamp really made things a tight fit but because that is worth money I’m not sure I want to leave it at a checkpoint. Usually I’m very self sufficient and prefer to carry everything with me at all times, but this time I’ll have to make thorough use of dropbags at each checkpoint, remember to refill with water, and even rely on the food provided at the checkpoints. It will be great to carry this smaller pack rather than one of my big packs. I also have a little pouch that I’ll attach to the waist strap to carry food and my map.

Generally speaking I felt good and fresh, only limping occasionally and really enjoyed it. It was sunny for most of the run, except for about 5 minutes when it hailed. I was very glad I packed everything including my jacket 🙂 Due to recent rains there was one small river crossing, and one track had pretty much turned into a stream. I am always surprised at how cold the water is!


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