12 km in the hills

I screwed up my achilles again doing intervals at the track a couple of weeks ago. I knew hill sprints would have been a better option but I just wanted to go fast so I hit the track. It was so good to be flying along and pushing myself so I felt like puking after each repetition… and then I decided to do just one more rep. That was it. Limping and in pain 😦

The Toolangi Forest run last week wasn’t very successful but I’ve been diligently doing my achilles exercises and it was starting to feel more manageable so today I met up with Kate to do a 12km loop at Mt Dandenong. We started with some insanely steep hills, which were a perfect warm up for my achilles. We finished with a loop of the 1000 steps. After deadlifts yesterday, and the steep running we had already done, my quads started to feel like jelly.

I only can’t run on dead flat ground now so it’s starting to get better. I have high hopes that it should be manageable again in a week or two. I hope to get back into more minimalist running too, but I have so many fitness goals at the moment that it is really hard to fit everything in. Although I still think I should be able to do everything that I want to do, it’s becoming apparent that being crap at everything is not great fun and at some point I’ll probably have to focus on one or two things at a time.


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